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P/T MUA moving across the world - selling my BNIB MAC products (so many RARE items!)!!!

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Hi! I'm a part-time MUA who is moving to a remote part of the world to further my day-career, and so trying to clear out my make-up supply and collection before I leave next month. I take care in storing items in my non-smoking, pet-free home and all of these products are completely brand new and in box (except a handful of rares that are under a separate heading).


I tried to start selling my products on Ebay but after a couple successes I've realized it's a bit slow and lots of people seem to window shop - and at this point I'm more interested in selling things quickly! But here's my profile for verification purposes.


And then I found other communities online, like this one! So here's what I'm hoping we can do.



- Look through my list and let me know what items you want (the more you buy the better the price, of course!!)

- Send me your postal code so I can get an accurate shipping charge



- Give you the best price (50%+ off most products) and shipping cost

- Send a picture of the products you want with my name and date so you can verify that they are real and available

- Package in padded envelopes and mail with a tracking number within 24 hours of receiving payment  (note: I'm in Canada so products are shipping from here)



- Use Paypal for the transaction so we're both insured/protected

- Are both happy and satisfied!!


OK here's my list! It's my own inventory record so just let me know if you need any clarifications/details or have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you :)


MAC INVENTORY - BNIB to list online



•             Bold & Brazen

•             Charred

•             Chill

•             Copperplate (2)

•             Electra

•             Evening Aura

•             Expensive Pink

•             Family Silver

•             Full Flame

·           Gilt by Association

•             Grand Entrance

•             Lotusland

-             Omega Matte

•             Poison Pen

•             Post Haste

•             Prussian

•             Seedling

•             Signed, Sealed

•             Zonk Bleu!



•             Devoted Poppy: 6 classic eyes

•             Fafi x4: Fafi Eyes 2

•             Novel Twist: 5 cool eyes

•             Pleat: 6 cool eyes

·           Pink Freeze

·           Stroke of Midnight Eyes – Smoky



•             Gracious Me

•             Royal Hue



•             Ink spill

•             Oxidate (2)



•             Brunette

•             Buttery/Blonde Taupe



·        Adventuresome

·        Bateaux

·        Crescent

·        Flowerosophy (2)

·        Major Minor (2)

·        Style Minx Heatherette

·        Water Deities

·        Novel Twist: 3 Tan Lips

·        Supreme

·        Royal Assets: 3 Tan Lips

·        Royal Assets: 3 Red Lips



·        Dangerously Hot

·        Desired

·        Inner Hue

·        Mellow Flame (2)

·        Pop Flame (2)

·        Profusion



·        BARBIE Blush: FAB

·        Blush:  Fleurry

·        Blush: Sea me, Hear me

·        Colour Form: Sun centred

·        Min: Dark/Natural Shimmer

·        Min: GIissade

·        Min: Light Medium/Natural Shimmer (2)

·        Min: Warmed

·        Min: Scene to be Seen

·        Studio Fix: NW30



·        Face Kit Rebecca Moses: Brown (2)

·        Look in a box: rocker chick



·        Face and Body Bronze FX



·        Eyeshadow: Time & Space (2)

·        Chromeglass: Metaphysical

·        Lipglass: Frostflight

·        Lipglass: Glamoursun

·        Lipstick: Chic

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