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    • I suppose it’s an indication of little I used to think about sleep that it never occurred to me my sleeping position was in anyway abnormal. I fall asleep on my right hand side then often sleep on my stomach, head to one side if I wake up during the night. Turns out only about 7% of the population do this.   But is there a ‘best side’ to sleep on? The jury seems to be out but there are pros and cons to each sleeping position   If you sleep on your back (which I rarely do) it’s apparently good for your spine and preventing acid reflux but you are more likely to snore. On the other hand it may “maintain perky breasts” according to this article on the CNN website. (Probably not if you’ve had a couple of kids, I’d suggest)   Sleeping on your side – right or left – apparently makes it easier to breathe and helps to avoid heartburn and acid reflux. It also tends to be the most comfortable position if you’re pregnant, especially with a body pillow. However curling up in a foetal position is not good for your neck or spine.   Some experts say you’re better to sleep on your right hand side if you have a cardiac condition as it puts less stress on the heart. On the other hand sleeping on your left may be better for your liver and kidneys.   Sleeping on your front can put strain on your neck though this can be alleviated if you only have one or no pillows. (According to the Better Sleep Council this position makes me brash, outgoing, and very uncomfortable with criticism!)   On the other hand a recent survey came up with the finding that sleeping on the left of the bed (which I invariably do) makes you more cheerful and positive – but not as financially well off as those who sleep on the right. According to the ... er... Daily Mail.   In the absence of any consensus it seems to me that there’s no reason to change your sleeping position if you sleep well or haven’t been advised to alter it by your doctor. On the other hand if you sleep badly – or snore loudly – it could be worth trying to make a change.    So what are you – a side, a back or a stomach sleeper and have you ever managed to change the way you sleep? Read more information about the best mattress for sleeping. Good luck!
    • The 3900 Sport is a robotic swimming pool cleaner made by Polaris. It is their first entry into the robotic pool cleaner market which is a huge surprise to us. It's a surprise because Polaris has been making quality pool cleaners for nearly 40 years. To be truthful we think this robotic cleaner was worth the wait.   When we opened up the box the first thing we noticed was the beautiful and bold design. This cleaner is like the Ferrari of robotic pool cleaners. It is beautiful and sleek which contribute to the aquadynamic design. This cleaner looks like it can really move, which works out well when it comes time to clean the swimming pool. When we got it in the water it didn't disappoint us.   The 3900 Sport is like a pinata at a birthday party when it comes to features. It's just spilling with features and we all wanted a piece of them. These features are what really drive the performance of this robotic cleaner. One of those features is the rear water propulsion system. This system is great for cleaning those hard to reach areas. Cleaning tight corners is easy thanks to this feature.   Another great feature is the all-terrain Aqua-Trac wheels. When we opened the box we noticed that these wheels had some give to them. They were not made of hard plastic. They were made of a hard rubber material. These wheels provided great traction in the pool. They allowed the 3900 to climb the walls and steps with ease. It was like watching a world-class climber climb a jungle gym. It was pretty fast. There was no obstacle that this cleaner couldn't overcome. Dirt and debris are in trouble when this cleaner comes around.   By far the cleaning capabilities are what amazed us the most. This cleaner has deep-cleaning scrubbing brush action. The brush scrubs the floor and walls of the pool all the while loosening dirt and debris. The dirt and debris are then removed through an oversized suction intake found on the bottom of the cleaner. In our test, we found that even small pebbles were no match for the 3900 Sport’s cleaning power.   To create such great cleaning power the 3900 Sport utilizes Vortex Vacuum Technology. Now from our research, we found that Vortex Vacuum Technology uses a revolutionary vacuum flow design. This design allows for quick and efficient cleaning while maintaining maximum suction through the entire cleaning cycle. In plain English: This cleaner can eat dirt and debris like a hungry lion that hasn't eaten in days. Thanks to the two programmed cleaning cycles, quick-clean and regular cycles, this cleaner were able to clean the pool in no time.   Another feature that had us excited is the large capacity filter canister. This filter canister was able to store an enormous amount of dirt and debris. This greatly cut down on the time between cleaning filter canister. When it finally came time to change the filter canister it was easy to do. Thanks to the quick release system everything was simple. This feature by far was one of our favorites. We no longer had to deal with messy filter bags. The canister was extremely easy to clean all we needed to do was give it a quick rinse and it was ready to go.   In comparison removing the filter bags or filter media from other robotic cleaners was a huge hassle. A person has to remove the bottom and deal with a messy, dirty, and wet filter bag. The bag would then have to be washed out and usually, it took a good deal of effort to replace the bag. We loved the fact that we were able to access the filter canister from the top of the cleaner. We just popped the hood and the canister was easily accessible.   Simple and easy is exactly what we got with this cleaner as it came equipped with a heavy gauge alloy caddy. The caddy felt very sturdy and it allowed us to transport and store the cleaner with ease. It also came with 60 Ft. of double insulated cable, making it perfect for swimming pools up to 20Ft. x 50Ft. The only problem we had with the cable was that it attached to the front of the cleaner. We felt that for aesthetic reasons the cord should have been attached to the rear of the cleaner, but other than that this cleaner met our expectations.   With such a great product we wonder what took Polaris so long to enter into the robotic pool cleaner market. As a first entry, we were blown away. With its beautiful design and cleaning power, this cleaner is definitely going to change the robotic pool cleaner market. Thanks, Polaris we can't wait to see what you come up with next. If you need more information about products for swim pool, read this review. Good luck!
    • I believe no one is going to argue the statement that our reality has been seriously changed for the last twenty years due to tremendous science booms. Scientific progress makes a significant contribution to the various industries development (from space exploration to pharmaceutics) never forgetting about people`s everyday life. All technologies and robotics are aimed to making life easier. Now we don`t need to waste our time on tedious cleaning, cooking and other kinds of housework any more. Modern market is constantly inventing new devices and developing the old ones. So forget about the outmoded brooms, brushes and rags and meet three high-tech gadgets that will help you to keep your house clean without great efforts.   Air Quality Monitor     Any housewife will tell you that the best way to keep you house tidy is to do regular cleaning. If you constantly monitor the house condition and clean everything in time it will prevent you from a rush job in future. So, the first step in cleaning is promptness and quickness especially in case of dust that comes both outside and inside the house and settles on furniture, carpets, clothes, and toys. Air quality monitor does a great job by destroying dust even before it could touch the floor.    This smart gadget is inserted in the room on any flat surface at the table or bookshelf height. Special sensors constantly measure the level of invisible dust particles and chemicals (such as formaldehyde, household poisons, gasoline fumes) as well as CO2 level, room temperature and humidity – literally all factors influencing health, respiratory diseases, which the data is displayed and regularly updated. Air quality monitor can be also connected through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The app helps you to program personalized options for each factor taking into account your allergies, air and sleep quality. It also gives your recommendations for health improvement and track the scale and air changes over time showing the data as a colour graph. The gadget has on mode and sleep mode chosen depending on your wishes.    Air quality monitors are perfect for any flat and interior due to their plain but smart design. The combination of fair colours and nice forms makes the device imperceptible to the eyes of others and various sensors, small lights and LED-display reflect the mode and the data.         Roomba and Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaners    Robot vacuum cleaner for carpets and rugs is another nice and useful way to keep your house clean. But the best thing about them is that they get you rid of any floor cleaning at all taking all responsibility for the house. You don`t need to do anything at all.    Robot vacuum cleaner looks like a small circle equipped with different brushes and laser sensors. The robot is charged from the outlet or special station and then moves around the house picking up dust and small rubbish with its brushes vacuuming it into the bag.    Vacuum cleaner perfectly navigates in space due to the laser sensors avoiding big furniture, walls and other obstacles. Some models are equipped with beacons that should be inserted around the house – they give the cleaner signals about the barriers. Remote control system helps run the cleaner via smartphone and get information about its present location. You can choose the mode you like – robot can vacuum the flat while you`re in (this mode is perfect for families with pets and children) or you may be at work and at the same time cleaning your apartment. But if you prefer remote cleaning, be ready to help your small friend in case it gets stuck somewhere between the cupboards.    Robot cleaners such as Roomba and Eufy have large suction power and a set of brushes that clean flat surfaces as well as carpets and rugs, tiles, linoleum, which means they can work in every room of your house. Please, pay attention that robot vacuum cleaners work better on open floor space, so there shouldn`t be any toys or chairs on their way, otherwise small elements vacuumed inside can damage the device and lead to breakdown. They also have some difficulties with corners and skirting board provoked by their circle shape, but the space under the beds and sofas so hard to reach for us causes no problems for these tiny robots.   Vacuum cleaners proved to be a really effective and relatively inexpensive tip which guarantees you perfect result. Modern vacuum cleaners such as Roomba or Eufy are noiseless, quick, easy to use, absolutely safe for children and pets and will become an indispensable assistant in housekeeping. So, think about buying robot vacuum cleaner that will soon pay off and save your time for more important things.   Steam Generator    Steam generator is one more great and very efficient way of cleaning. Recently, it`s become very popular for its safety, high quality, and hypoallergenic cleaning. The device needs no chemicals, shampoos or soaking, because, as a matter of fact, the power of steam is much greater than the power of agents. Steam generator works like a kettle - it heats the water to dry steam and then produces it under high pressure directly into the stains and other dirty parts making a quick and efficient operation. Steam generators eliminate all kinds of dirt and odors at the same time sterilizing the fiber of dangerous bacteria and refreshing the air in the room. This device is simply irreplaceable for families with kids and people suffered from allergies, not even speaking about the ecologically harmless way of work. The great temperature melts pollutions such as paints, grease, old spots, which makes it possible to use steam generator in every room and on every surface. It can be useful in kitchen (for cleaning cooker, oven, working surfaces), bathroom (for tiles refreshment), bedrooms, and so on and so forth.    Well, we see that the state of your accommodation directly affects not only the look and good impression of you as a neat person, but also your health and the health of your family. Sure, sometimes cleaning evokes acute attacks of laziness and time is too precious for wasting it on floor sweeping, but, luckily, nowadays it is easy to find the best and the easiest tips for keeping your house clean without great efforts. Try them and won`t be able to abandon this new carefree and pure life.   
    • Hey, William, in that case you definitely should call up people from https://light-it.net/ as they are the real professionals. Some years ago this company saved my life as I needed to get it very quickly. Besides, people who work were so polite and nice to me

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