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How to feel comfortable wearing less makeup?

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Ever since I was fourteen years old I've worn full face makeup everytime I go out in public - I'm talking foundation, concealer, powder, blush, mascara, eyeliner, smokey eye etc. I developed excessive acne when I was only nine years old and makeup became a way for me to finally feel pretty and over the years it's become a big part of my identity. However, when you start developing your makeup habits as a teen it doesn't necessarily translate well as you get older and I feel like I can no longer pull off the thick eyeliner, heavy blush and contour look. But everytime I try and cut back and opt for a natural daytime look I feel so naked and plain and not confident. I've only just started feeling okay doing quick errands with only foundation and mascara on, but I still feel self conscious and not 'put together'.


I don't know how many of you have been in this type of situation, but any advice will be received with open ears. Thanks :)

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Hi @@pinktigerlily! Changing makeup habits can be hard but like anything, the more you practice the easier it gets. :) It's also a matter of finding your inner beauty. You are beautiful without makeup so let your inner beauty shine. I like Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown because they have mastered the no makeup look with makeup that is perfect for daytime. Maybe check their websites for tutorials on daytime makeup. They show you how you can create that no makeup look. Also you could go to a makeup counter or to the MAC store and have them show you a day time makeup and how to apply it. There are times when I do full makeup and days when I just wear a mascara and tinted moisturizer. It seems like every time I wear a full makeup and go to the grocery store I see nobody I know. The moment I leave with no makeup on, I ran into people. Now I just laugh about it and don't care. It's one of those things that I've found that the older I get, the less I care. :lol: I love a nude lip but some nude lip products don't look right on me especially for my age so I've had to learn to really think, "is this an age appropriate look?", if the answer is no, I won't wear it. I try to wear a darker lip color that is more my age and don't really like it so I try and find a balance on what I like and what is more age appropriate. I love playing with makeup and trying different things but I just can't pull off the looks I could when I was in my 20s so now I play with makeup by creating more subtle looks. Some days I feel like creating more of a stronger look so I create a smokey eye and forget about it. I don't see too many smokey eyes at my kids school but I don't care.  :lol: If I do a stronger eye look I keep the rest of the makeup more subtle so that it still looks more appropriate for day time. I like to play with makeup so I don't really care what people think.

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Reija is so right.

You know I was 1 of 5 zone managers (1Sudanese, 1 Fillipino, 1 Yemeni, 1 Somali and me, originally from Singapore employed by the Saudi agents for Avon way back in the 1980s in Jeddah and would you believe it none of us wore anything except moisturizer most days and if we were invited to weddings we would add foundation, a little eye makeup and that is all. When the US Avon manager came to "vet" us and see how we were doing he was amazed when he noticed that none of us was wearing make up and yet our sales were through the roof. We explained to him that what we were selling was the basic SKINCARE the Saudi women already knew what to do with make up but their basic skincare was where we could help and we did. So now in my 70s I still say less is more and I stick to my Monsia Skincare with skin that I feel confident enough to go out without any makeup at all.

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As for me, i know that beauty is not only how we look like, but however I feel a little bit uncomfortable leaving home with no make up.  

It seems to me sometimes, that people will spot at my imperfections :lol:  . It is probably something in my head, surely we should be just more self-confident and let people perceive us as we are. 
For natural makeup i usually use eyebrow pencil and some lip gloss, may be just a small drop of liquid foundation ( in love with Shiseido) to hide unexpected single pimple and that's all .  
But it i think there is no harm in putting some makeup and doing up hair before taking a selfie)

Not long ago friend offered me to take part in the beauty contest judged by "robots" (link removed) . To take part in it, a selfie with no make up should be provided. Of course, i had an idea for a while to "improve" my look for better result. But when i thought it was silly and unfair and it is just a contest for fun, so i should not care so much. I submitted no-makeup photo, and i even was proud of myself  :D . 

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Now that you are older your acne should be less of a problem. Remember why you started wearing so much make up in the first place. 


You could start wearing less make up and gradually reduce the amount you use or you could go to youtube/other search engine and look for a more natural look. 


Wearing too much make up can be a bit off putting even if it makes you feel more confident. Try to feel more confident in yourself rather than the external look you try present. 


It's good to see that you want to go for a more natural look. I wish you luck!

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hello,well thisan interesting thread.

Try to use only a concealer for covering redness or acne!!! this is a difficult game,le me tell you,i have acne since 14 im now 22 and i never cover it. i feel guilty when i do my whole face makeup because i dont want to clog my pores.

your skin has to breathe.

you can feel more comfortable doing more for your skincare,masks peelings etc so you can feel like 'your skin' more.

i hope you can understand sorry for my english.

Its also a matter of self confidence and habit.

Try to do your face makeup more rare than before.

ex. if you youre doing your makeup every day as usual,try to do it 3 times a week and then 2 ...eliminate that so you can feel more comfortable with your natural beauty.

Another way is to wear less makeup. (ex. only bb cream  and your favourite blush or highlighter. thats it)

if you use your favourite products,or at least one is ur favourite each time,you can feel better.


and the last thing that im suggesting is that , wear only face makeup, or only eye makeup, just to get used of parts of your face ...ex..bare skin and an eye makeup, or face makeup and no e/s at the eyes.

small steps each time.

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The thing is...and I found this out very late (when I was 19 or something)..is that your makeup is a big part of your bad skin.

If you try to be "makeup free" for a week (when you are on holiday or something), you will immideately see some improvement in your skin. I live in Norway and can remember that I went to our cabin at the mountain with my family. No makeup. After the week was done: beautiful skin.

Seriously. You should get rid of these bad habits as soon as possible.

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