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I currently live in Georgia, US and in a few weeks I will be moving to the Netherlands, an 8-9 hour flight. I just restocked my kit a few months ago and I have some concerns about some liquids, if they can be brought on or not because when I ordered them they said ground shipping only so Im having issues with if they can travel by air or will it be a safety issue. So if any of you travel frequently and can let me know then that'd be much appreciated!!! I won't be taking any of the liquids on board with me as I know the TSA rules, so they'll be checked. But here are some of the products I have concerns about if I can or not.


Cosmetic sanitizer mist

Skindinavia setting spray

Model in a bottle setting spray

MUFE brush cleanser

Ben nye final seal

Ben nye bond off

3rd degree



As you can tell it's mostly stuff that has an alcohol in it and that's the worry I have. Thank you guys for your time and any help!

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looks like your spays are not in pressurized containers which is good. However, I would decant your sprays and liquids just enough so that there is about a 2cm gap from the top of their containers ( DO NOT DO THIS WITH THE 3RD DEGREE!) just to be safe during any possible liquid expansion due to the changes in air pressure in the non-pressurized cargo hold of the plane.


Atomizers (pump sprays) will leak under pressure. So a gap will allow for expansion without your pumps leaking. On a good note, your cosmetic sanitizer does come with an extra cap, I would keep the cap on during the flight and then place the pump on when you unpack.


I also recommend you pack each container in its own separate Ziploc bag, and then pack all of them in a larger Ziploc bag just to be extra safe of any potential leakage due to changes in air pressure and any heavy luggage being tossed on top of your baggage.


The 3rd degree should be fine just as long as the A and B products don't mix. For that I suggest using *electrical tape to tape the lids shut to their containers just to be sure that they're air-tight. And again pack them in separate Ziplocs. I would also suggest packing the 3rd degree separate away from your other products. Also pack the syringes and wooden spatulas (tongue depressors) in a separate Ziploc as well.


Sculpting materials are finicky as any air leakage coming into contact with the material prematurely will destroy the product, and most manufacturers won't ship them by air just to be safe and to cover any liability. 


*The electrical tape just makes it way easier to remove. 


HTH  :)

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Do not guess. Just call the airport and clarify all the nuances of explaining the compositions, also keep and take with you all the checks. They will be able to tell in detail about storage and transportation.

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