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AskMen.com's Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2005

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01. Adriana Lima

02. Monica Bellucci

03. Charlize Theron

04. Josie Maran

05. Heidi Klum

06. Brooke Burke

07. Elsa Benitez

08. Beyonce Knowles

09. Angelina Jolie

10. Halle Berry

11. Jessica Biel

12. Jessica Simpson

13. Rebecca Romijn

14. Catherine Zeta-Jones

15. Jennifer Aniston

16. Petra Nemcova

17. Keira Knightley

18. Kristin Kreuk

19. Salma Hayek

20. Roselyn Sanchez

21. Veronica Varekova

22. Kate Beckinsale

23. Kelly Hu

24. Shania Twain

25. Natalie Portman

26. Gisele Bundchen

27. Lindsay Lohan

28. Jennifer Garner

29. Krista Allen

30. Elisha Cuthbert

31. Jennifer Connelly

32. Alyssa Milano

33. Catherine Bell

34. Tyra Banks

35. Laetitia Casta

36. Ali Landry

37. Shannon Elizabeth

38. Vanessa Marcil

39. Molly Sims

40. Mandy Moore

41. Kelly Brook

42. Leeann Tweeden

43. Jennifer Love Hewitt

44. Charisma Carpenter

45. Diane Lane

46. Denise Richards

47. Rosario Dawson

48. Kylie Minogue

49. Fernanda Tavares

50. Bridget Moynahan

51. Rachel Weisz

52. Anna Kournikova

53. Maria Menounos

54. Faith Hill

55. Brooke Burns

56. Mischa Barton

57. Ashley Judd

58. Penelope Cruz

59. Naomi Watts

60. Sofia Vergara

61. Jennifer Lopez

62. Rachel Stevens

63. Eliza Dushku

64. Heather Graham

65. Brande Roderick

66. Angie Everhart

67. Aishwarya Rai

68. Nicole Kidman

69. Holly Valance

70. Uma Thurman

71. Michelle Pfeiffer

72. Eva Longoria

73. Katie Price

74. Britney Spears

75. Demi Moore

76. Paz Vega

77. Rachel Bilson

78. Jessica Alba

79. Jolene Blalock

80. Lucy Liu

81. Pamela Anderson

82.Christina Aguilera

83. Cameron Diaz

84. Scarlett Johansson

85. Thandie Newton

86. Sienna Miller

87. Nikki Cox

88. Melissa Keller

89. Fergie

90. Alicia Keys

91. Gabrielle Union

92. Jennie Finch

93. Paris Hilton

94. Melania Knauss

95. Sophie Marceau

96. Kristanna Loken

97. Liv Tyler

98. Kate Bosworth

99. Vivica A. Fox


Do you agree? Who do you think is missing from the list and who should be taken off?

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Pamela Anderson,Katie price and Paris Hilton above Liv Tyler? I don't think so!

I agree with the top 5, it's not my top 5, but it's ok :)


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