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Diamant Lysande

what is your personal beauty / skincare tips & hacks

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  • A) use green tea as toner and mask
  • B) use teabag as eye mask
  • C) do neck yoga , facial massage and other massage
  • D) use blusher as eyeshadow
  • E) use vaseline as lipbalm
  • F) mix coconut oil/ cold water with sugar to scrub lips
  • G) use green tea to massage scalp
  • h) mix salt and cleanser to scrub face .it helps in getting rid of dust (said in "get it beauty" ).it does help in getting of pimples for me
  • I) use aloe vera gel as eye cream
  • j) i hardly eat sweet ,too salty ,too oily and too spicy food .dont forget about exercising 7 sleep well
  • tell me about your beauty / skin tips and hacks now !


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1. Get 6-8hrs sleep each night

2. Use my Monsia cleanser, toner and apply day moisturizer

3. Makeup if wanted

4. Make sure I drink sufficient water through the day

5. Before bed and if I have been using makeup use jojoba oil to remove eyeliner & mascara otherwise

    just use Monsia cleanser & toner then night repair cream.

6. If I feel that my skin feels particularly dry, normally neck & forehead area I will apply a few drops of vit E oil

    especially on neck, forehead & around eyes.

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Plenty of sleep


Eat veggies




I usually go on here or on this one brand I use called Clear Essence's website: www.clearessence.com/blog

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1.Use hair spray for your eyebrows to stay.And to your baby hair if you have. But not too much. (I also have heard that you can use it to set your face but dont do this idk i think its bad)

2.Use turmeric powder mixed with water (for oily skin), and olive oil (dry skin) for brightening the complexion and dark circles

3.Wash your hair with cold water. Makes hair stronger. Apply coconut oil after.

4.Use vinegar for dry scalp

5.Use skin conditioner to remove extra colorant in the perimeter of your face with a cotton pad after hair colour diy at home.

6.Use greek yogurt after sun burnin. Haha Its very common here.

7.Wash your makeup brushes with johnsons baby shampoo


And many moreeeeee

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