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Guest Barbie2

Barnes and Noble calling all Nerds ! I need advice on what adult coloring book to buy ???

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Guest Barbie2

I think they have a sale on them right about now too but I dont mind paying like 15 dollars or whatever any recommendations ?

I dnt normally buy books ever or adult coloring books.The adult coloring books with curse words are good too if anyone has any suggestions lemme know which one to buy / which ones the best.I do have my own expensive colored pencils I got a while back.

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Guest Barbie2

Hi Barbie, i help you find one: https://www.amazon.com/Adult-Coloring-Book-Designs-Mandalas/dp/0692597832

How about this one, hope it will help you(:


Thanks ! for being the only person who responded to this topic I thought more nerds / geeks / book people woulda had something to say but whatevs  :rolleyes:   they are the ones missing out lol.


I dont normally read for fun so I'am not really a book person . I never buy books I thought of maybe getting Fifty shades of grey but I already saw the movie so should I just get the other fifty shades book and lead off where the movie ended or should I start from the beginning ?


Any other book recommendations 

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Guest Barbie2

Update I bought this anti stress coloring book It had some really good patterns to color in.I really liked it it was 15 dollars in store at barnes and noble and it was the last one they had in store online they do have them available though if anyones interested.I dont know if it helps with stress but I have a lot of fun coloring in it and it focuses your mind on one thing coloring lol.To me this book and a bubble bath / bath bomb is relaxation for me so I recommend this book.



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