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Giang Phương

My acne story, how to remove pimples

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Have you tried natural products?  Your skin may not like the chemical ingredients in regular products.  How often do you wash your face?  How about exfoliating?  Do you use toner and take your makeup off every night?  Do you moisturize it properly?

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You can't just get away from pimples so easily. It takes time in every process of healing. Though, you can give a try for Zeroblem, as it acts as spot treatment to clear up breakouts and get rid of acne-prone and oily skin. It deep cleans and removes dead skin and eases redness and bumps. :)

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When my granddaughter visited me last Easter she asked for help regarding her acne.  I suggested that she buy a tube of Optima Tea Tree anticeptic cream from Holland & Barrett and apply it to the offending acne making sure to use a clean cottonwool bud for each application, i.e. do not use the same cottonwool bud to apply the cream to all the spots! She called me a couple of weeks ago to report that it has worked and now as soon as she feels/sees a spot appearing she arms herself with the Optima Tea Tree cream. She is also saving up to purchase the Monsia Acne Treatment System because her mum has used it and it worked so well for her.

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Helle beautys. This is my true story, how to remove pimples on my face. It is a terrible experience. Im queezing acne and hope it will be ok everyday :( I have a video about it but i dont know about attach that file in here. So you can see it on this link: 





First, don’t squeeze your acne marks. It will cause more breakouts. Dermatologist suggests that don’t use any type of creams. Acne scars appear when you reach the age of puberty. They will diminish naturally. 

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