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Hair color help!

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I have been dying my hair for years, my natural color is dark brown. A few months back I switched from permanent to semi-permanent color (Natural Instincts). I used a medium brown and it came out almost black. After it faded out I used a light brown and my roots came out lighter than the rest of my hair. My dark roots grew out and the light patch is still there. I even started using the dark brown again and the light patch is still noticable. I've never used a protein filler but I've heard that it helps with even color. If I use a neutral protein filler with my next color, will it help to even it all out so I have more even color from root to tip? Thanks!


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Natural Hair Dyes Home Preparations Usage of chemical based hair dyes for hair coloration on a repetitive basis is harmful. It has bad effects on your hair including the hair texture. Bad for hair health. Due to this, even the commercial producers have turned their attention towards using natural ingredients.





Want to know the best part?


Even we can prepare natural hair dyes at home. Including the various colours we desire to use. Let's check out the process for how to make natural hair color at home.


The basic method for how to make hair dye at home, consists of the following:


Cut or squash your herbal material. You can utilize fresh or dried for most applications, however specifics are noted with specific herbs. The littler the material is, the more surface region can be presented to hair, and in this manner, makes a more grounded and darker color. 


The majority of these colors are semi-perpetual. They will last a couple of weeks. Hair more often than not grows speedier than colour blurs. To keep the shading, reapply a couple times each month or more. 


Make a paste by blending the herbs with some boiling hot water. Include a little measure of water at once until you get a thick glue the consistency of toothpaste. Boiling hot water will open the pores of the herbs and permit more colour to be discharged. 


Dry the hair colour in sunlight so that it lasts for long and provides darker shade. 


Herbs and the colours they release:


All hair is distinctive and may take more time to splash up shading or possibly no time by any stretch of the imagination. Some hair has faster growth while others simply plug along gradually. A few shades of hair respond diversely to various hues. Here's a rundown of herbs that work best for every hair colour sort. In short, herbal hair color recipes.


Blonde Colour: 


Blonde hair will for the most part take up more shading that generally needed for others. Lemon juice functions admirably for light blonde and some darker blondes. A tea produced using chamomile and calendula will work for darker blonde sorts.


It's additionally conceivable that other berberine-containing roots, e.g. mahonia (Oregon Grape Root), yellowroot, bayberry or yellow dock could work, however there are no reports of people utilizing them. 




Rhubarb root makes brilliant nectar tones. Stew the root in water and cool. Use as you would with other tea techniques.




For red hair, nothing beats tomato juice. Rub a liberal sum into hair, softly press out any abundance, then heap on top of head. Cover using a plastic cap or shower top, and leave on for no less than 30 minutes. 


You can likewise make a tea from hibiscus blooms and calendula. By modifying the measure of every, you can differ the shade of brown. Furthermore, both are brimming with cancer prevention agents, which are extremely sound for your hair.




Genuine dark hair is hard to work with. Dark walnut powder will give you exceptionally dark, verging on dark hair. Indigo will give you blue-dark hair, yet most sources say it ought to be utilized with or after henna medications.


Ways for natural hair color for white hair:


Precautions to take:


There is not much care you have to take while utilizing herbs to shading you hair, however some ought to dependably be taken after. The most critical ones are to utilize gloves and secure the surface you're taking a shot at. Recall that, you're working with color. Dark walnut powder ought not be utilized by those with thyroid issues. Furthermore, dependably make certain your solutions are cool before utilizing. Try not to utilize them hot! Harm to the scalp could happen. Try not to permit any of the colors to get into your mouth. What's more, don't be hesitant to analyze!


This was a blog dedicated to herbal hair colour. Now, go shady on your hair!

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Hair will always grow long- That's my moto :) Using oils is crucial, in my opinion.

Oh I so agree with you. I love the Pro Naturals Moroccan argan oil, but I also use jojoba oil and vit E oil. I find all these oils are good on my hair and as I apply them mainly to the ends and 3/4 up the shaft of damp hair it is absorbed but does not leave my hair greasy. I rub the vit E oil into my scalp once a week, slip on a turban and leave it overnight & wash the following morning, I do this to encourage hair growth - see link:http://www.livestrong.com/article/537418-how-to-rub-vitamin-e-on-the-scalp-to-promote-hair-growth/ I buy my vit E oil from amazon in the UK. I brush my hair every morning and I do lose some hair but no more than 20 strands on average.

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