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Even though all fruits are healthy, some stand out for having more health benefits than others. The most beneficial fruits are the ones that you should incorporate into your diet.

In this article, you will find out what the 8 most beneficial fruits for maintaining good health and longevity.



A lot of people ignore the fact that avocados are fruits, but they are!  And not only are they one of the healthiest fruits around, but they also contain the majority of nutrients that your body requires each day.

Some people don’t eat them because they think they’ll make you gain weight. But the fats in avocados are healthy and they actually help you keep a balanced weight.

Eat half an avocado every day for a healthy amount of vegetable protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.




This is one of nature’s wonders that is becoming more and more popular.  Both coconut water as well as the meat of the coconut are very nourishing foods, and they also taste delicious.

The meat can be used to make coconut milk and the left over fibers can be used to make cookies or pastries.

Extra virgin coconut oil is also eaten as a dietary supplement and can be used as an excellent cosmetic for skin and hair.



In regards to cleansing and diuretic properties, pineapples improve the digestion of fats and proteins. They help prevent fluid retention while also eliminating toxins at the same time.

They contain digestive enzymes that help fight problems like acid reflux, indigestion or constipation.  They’re a great treat after eating meat or fish...read more


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