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In need of your expertise for a complete skincare overhaul!

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and in need of your skincare expertise. I'm currently overhauling my skincare regimen and am feeling overwhelmed by the number of options. I'm hoping that you all can help me narrow down products based on my particular needs:

  • A deep cleansing wash that is proven to reduce pore size
  • An exfoliator (on the aggressive side) to improve skin texture/smoothness and reduce pores
  • A serum or moisturizer that provides significant hydration
  • A face mask for deep pore cleansing
  • Eye cream that is proven to reduce puffiness and dark circle
  • Acne treatment to aggressively deal with light breakouts - ideally for the entire body

I appreciate any and all insight and recommendations around these needs! :)

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It's not the products you use, but how and when you use them that makes a difference. For example, I exfoliate my skin every day, that's too much for some people. I like a 4-step routine. in practice, I combine steps 1 & 2, as I have done below. Also, if you have oily skin, don't be tempted to wash your face too much, twice a day is fine. Too much and you will strip your skin of its natural oil, and cause it to produce more, not exactly what you want or need.

1) Wash with a gentle cleanser and 2) use a face brush or cloth to gently exfoliate

3) Toner -- I use witch hazel with no alcohol in it

4) Moisturiser -- may add an eye cream or serum to my night routine

A deep cleansing/exfoliating masque once a week.

I like to keep it simple, there's a better chance I'll actually do it that way. My general rule of thumb when applying creams and serums is lightest to heaviest. Serums tend to be lighter, so that would go first. Creams are heavier, so they go next. That way the heavier product won't keep the lighter product from being absorbed by the skin. 

Of course, you have to evaluate and see how your skin reacts. Some people don't like to exfoliate every day, it irritates their skin. Also, if you haven't been exfoliating, you may get some flakyness at first, this is just excess dead skin cells sloughing off. If you get red and irritated, you are exfoliating too hard or too often.

And always wear sun screen, regardless of the weather or season. This will protect your skin and preserve all your hard work.

Hope this helps.


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