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Hello everyone, I decided to grow eyelashes for the first time, I went to the salon which is closer, on the first day everything was fine, but after two days half of the eyelashes fell out... Salon refuses to return the money. Please advise a good salon where it will fix it can fix it ūüôĀ

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My college  had a party so I wanted to do with the Eyelashes Extensions. i searching  the best salon in Memphis .Then I found a best salon is  , Arch 2 Arch Spa and Salon . Then I went to the salon on their before day on party . I used eyelash extension.
 After that, I was very impressed by the change in my face. my Face is  look  charming. At that party I was the most beautiful look. Everyone was defined by my beauty.This is Best Salon. for  Eyelash Extensions in Memphis, TN
The offers of other services such as Facial therapies, Eyebrow Threading, Waxing, Microdermabrasion, Microneedling , Chemical Peel, Permanent Makeup,  and other.




Eyelash Extensions-arch2arch.jpg

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Hello Korelimane,

Eyelashes are among the most vital part of the body. Their basic function is to guard the eyes against tiny particles such as dust, avoid infections or irritations, moisture and debris. Mostly women value eyelashes as one of the ways to accentuate their beauty. 

Eyeless also Grow back with Medication Drugs(Eye Drops). Grow your Eyelashes with Medication(Eyedrops) is the safe and best way for you. Use Doctor's Recommended Medication(Eyedrops) for Grow back your Eyelashes. 

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Posted (edited)

I like your suggestion. eyelashes are hair and they are related to other hair that is found on other parts of your body.  one of my friend went salon for increase eyelashes but he was not satisfied so.  I suggest him to medication for the growth of eyelashes. I think my suggestion is usefull for you.

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Lashboost!!! It works amazingly to make lashes longer thicker and darker. Mine were stumps and now when I put on mascara the touch my eye brows.  It’s super quick to. A swipe every night before bed and you get your own lashes. 

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