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5 Best Women Fragrances for Spring 2019!

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Think of Spring, think of floral. With the onset of Spring season, we present you the list of 5 best women fragrances that you need to add in your collection.

1. Love Spell By Victoria's Secret For Women
This flirty floral fragrance with top notes of cherry blossom, jasmine, and lilac is just perfect for you to smell flowery all day long.

2. Seductive By Guess For Women
As the name suggests, this opulent perfume has mild notes of jasmine.

3. Eternity Aqua By Calvin Klein For Women
A perfume with an aquatic floral aroma that will add a touch of mystery and elegance to your style.

4. Arden Beauty By Elizabeth Arden For Women
Get a burst of freshness even on your tiring days with this fragrance filled with the aroma of rice flower, lotus, and lily.

5. Guess Pink By Guess For Women
The heart of the perfume incorporates the elegant aroma of Magnolia that leaves you with a sweet flowery scent.

Here is a list of top 10 women fragrances in 2019 that you must shop for.


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There are some amazing fragnance Perfume are:-

1. Nivea,

2.  Tom Ford Black Orchid.

3. Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction

4. Million Lady.

These are those which I generally preferred and they have great fragrance.


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I am in love with the Zara perfume. They are so strong and makes you feel divine.

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It depends so much on the woman wearing it - their personality and their skin chemistry. My skin just swallows up all but the most tenacious fragrances. I'm a fan of Guerlain, for their complexity. I find a lot of Chanel’s scents beautiful but a bit too smoothly blended and elegant for me - I like a spiky edge to show through. I love Bulgari for the way they use tea and I love 4160 Tuesdays for their sense of fun.

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I love that many of the fragrances here have an imposing character of their own, yet undoubtedly bring out the best in a woman, and still hypnotize the majority of men around every single time!

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A Perfume provides you with Fragrance which keeps unwanted body odor away and ensures that you smell good throughout the day. 
A good fragrance enhances your mood & boosts your confidence. Fragrances can work wonders to your personalty. One will simply get attracted to you because of the way you smell. I have tried several top women perfume brands in India but my favorites are Burberry London & Skinn by Titan as it makes me feel so confident wherever I go. Choosing a fragrance can be very tricky so you must have some hacks up your sleeves - 

* Try all the notes before buying a perfume 

* Don't try tester cards as they only have the top notes 

* Always go for a skin test to know how the perfume is gonna smell on you

You must keep these tips in mind while choosing a fragrance and trust me you are not gonna be disappointed.

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