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J skincare noob

J skin care routine help!

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Hi Beauty Gurus!

Hoping I can get some help from you for a Japanese skin care haul I just did from my recent trip to Japan. 

I've done my best to do research for directions in English but I'm having a real tough time planning out the routine and I'm not sure if some of my products overlap, but im guessing i can split it up by using some for the day when its hot and humid and some at night in a dry air conditioned room.

I've also bought the Ya-Man Photo Plus Prestige for Salon and I am not sure which products from the haul can be used with it (because it must only be water based). Which ill probably use once a week.


I've gathered that the best routine is:

1. *Oil cleanser (if wearing make up; DHC - not shown in pic)

2. Cleanser (not shown in pic)

3. *Exfoliate (once/twice a week; Cure Aqual gel - not shown in pic)

4. Skin Softener / Lotion ..is this the same thing?

5. *Mask (how often?)

6. Serum

7. Eye cream

8. Cream / Sleep pack

But please correct me if I am wrong 😅

I live in a tropical climate and have super thin and sensitive somewhat dry skin (except for my oily T-zone). Only at night I can afford to go a bit heavier on the skincare because the aircon usually dries out my skin.

Would be ever so grateful if I could get help with a skin routine (morning & night) for the products I've bought. 



J noob.




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