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I Want My Birchbox Back!

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I want to try Birchbox again! These are my reasons.

  1. I actually think it would be better to get small samples. I am overwhelmed with how much I have, so I would feel less guilty getting Birchbox than getting something like Boxyluxe and getting a lot of large items. 
  2. I need a new shampoo (yes, something I actually need), and they might send me some. I could actually use their special detangling kit. I have really bad tangling problems. Perhaps it is a somatic expression of my current state of mind. I have those terrible matted knots that won't come out. I almost cut my hair. At least I don't work at a place where you have to look good.
  3. I have a theory about Birchbox and me that I need to test. I want to start over with a different profile. I always put that I have a Classic beauty style in my profile. I was lying, or rather picking the style I want, not the type I am. Remember when the profile said Classic was like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn? Who would not pick that? . But I'm not really Classic. I'm not well groomed and classy with my hair neatly in a chignon. I'm really low maintenance. I don't want to be low maintenance. But I am. I am lazy, no motivation to do makeup. However, I remember once when the Birchbox site had a feature called Shop By Your Type, or something like that. They had the types from the beauty profile quiz, and presented a selection of products based on each one. I loved that! I spent a long time perusing the different products for each type. Now I recall everyone saying that they would not choose the low maintenance type because they thought that meant you were not really into beauty, and they would not really send you anything good. But in this feature, it said that if one is low maintenance, one needs even better products. The products need to be multi use, for example. And the products in that section were really good. I can't remember specifically which ones they showed. I need to try to sign up for a box for low maintenance, and maybe I'll get things I really will need and use. I've wanted to test this theory for a long time. 
  4. The price is right.
  5. I like the boxes to store things. 
  6. Maybe I can get back on my No Buy for March with just the low maintenance box, Please God? 
  7. Can't think of any more enabling excuses at the moment. 


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I resubscribed to Birchbox yesterday! I am excited about it again. They just came out with March sample choice. It's looking good.

  • March box: Cream, pink, and navy floral - I really like it.

Sample Choice:

  • The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream 
  • thisworks deep sleep pillow spray 
  • amika Reset Pink Charcoal Cleansing Oil (my favorite) - a pre shampoo treatment

Curated Box: 

  • Benefit BADGal BANG! mascara
  • Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse
  • Luxie Beauty 213 Eye Shading Rose Gold Brush - I keep getting this from Ipsy and now it has followed me to Birchbox, lol
  • ModelCo Metallic Eye Shadow Trio 
  • My Clarins RE-CHARGE Relaxing Sleep Mask - My Clarins is new to me. Apparently it's a new range for younger skins. 
  • Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil - oil to milk formula, evening primrose oil, glamorous midnight blue bottle - love it. 

I am jealous of: Birchbox Spain has a great Game of Thrones edition Birchbox currently. The box is really pretty, and they have a better card  - it is like a greeting card that is folded in two, has a photo of an eye look, and a sneak peek of next month on the back. Then, the customer got a coupon for two free months of HBO. The unboxing video I saw had a good sized tube of Whish Vanilla Lip Scrub and a huge hand cream.


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Finally, Birchbox reveal! I am very happy. With my new "Low Maintenance" profile, I got:

  • Arrow Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm - Blush Hour - This is a lip balm that changes to your individual perfect shade based on body chemistry. This is the type of makeup I feel comfortable with! It brings back memories of a makeup product I liked as a teen in the 1980's - Nature's Blush by Coty. It was a stick blush, clear, and also turned into the perfect shade for your skin. I really loved Coty products as a teen. Muguet Des Bois was one of my favorite scents. I looked up the Coty products on Pinterest. I miss the past, and my old cosmetics! 
  • The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream - Pretty packaging. Not as intimidating to me as powder highlighters. Birchbox suggested mixing it with my body lotion, and it has antioxidants. 
  • Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil - This is something I wanted from the spoilers! It looks wonderful, is in a midnight blue bottle, has evening primrose, and is an oil to milk formula. 
  • blowpro Weather Girl Anti-Frizz Serum - This is for rain and humidity. I feel like Princess Diana, having a special product for the rain. Way back, I read a beauty article about Diana's hairdresser, and he said when he traveled with her on Royal tours, he had different products for her for different types of weather. She was special to me, because I was a teen at the time of her wedding. It was a magical summer for me. 
  • Comfort Zone Active Pureness Hydrating Fluid - I guess they gave me this as my skin is oily. It looks nice. I love moisturizers. 

I am very happy with everything, I really am. And the box is so pretty. I wish I could LET GO and just let Birchbox send me a low maintenance box each month to supplement using up the large amount of stuff I already have, and LET GO of needing to get ALL the beauty boxes and ALL the things! 

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The Birchbox came. The things are little, little and cute. Little is good. I have too much stuff already. The box is lovely. The moisturizer is from Italy. It's for large pores and has mattifying powders. It's for my skin type. The cream highlighter has green tea. It's all my cup of tea. It's all nice for the time of year, also. Maybe switching my profile from Classic to Low Maintenance did the trick. 

The ideal me - Is like an Emirates Cabin Crew member, in a chic outfit (love the cap with the veil), my hair in a perfect neat bun, and a beautiful red lipstick. 

The real me - Barely comb my hair, never wear makeup, except for some old mascara and Mary Kay eye shadow sample cards from years ago. Secretly relieved to have job where clients or customers do not see us. 

I buy stuff for the ideal me. 

The ideal me - Has a glamorous life and goes to elegant soirees, travels, goes to concerts and restaurants. 

The real me - Hardly ever goes anywhere, unless there's a 1970's tribute band in town.

Knowing one's type is the best way to avoid being lured in by all those gorgeous packagings and marketing deals and concepts. And remembering one's type also. I go into a fantasy dream when I shop. In my head I'm the model in the photo, not me. 

When I was a teen, I wanted to be one of those girls who had their look and beauty routine all figured out, down pat. Wouldn't that be great? To know what works for you, to feel confident about it? 

I found out through extensive testing that I look good in pale shimmer eye shadows, not in others. But I forget that when I am shopping. Also I feel comfortable being unmade up because I'm shy. 

Of course the point of Low Maintenance Birchbox is to take you from unkempt Low Maintenance to polished Low Maintenance. Let's pretend for a moment that there is such a thing as a Low Maintenance Birchbox, created for me, and that it will work so well, I will forget all the other things out there. Would that not be awesome? 

I think Birchbox did a good job with my profile settings, and also targeting things for the early Spring - that light airy moisturizer and hair product for the rain. 

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