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How to use the best 5 Skin care toolsom

Hi everyone I’m Hananh from BeautyKare and this article is all about skin tools. I’ve been talking a lot about all different skin care routines this month and how to find one that fits my skin type so today I’m going to tell you about some more advanced tools you can use to take care of your skin in a new way.

TOOL N°1 : The Muslin cloth

If you are just starting out experimenting with skin care tools one of the easiest ways to start is with something like a muslin cloth, and you might think this just is a regular washcloth but it’s not.

It’s actually something that you can use to exfoliate your skin and it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin so if you want something that’s going to get rid of dead skin and dry skin but gentle enough to use every single day morning and night this is perfect all you do to use it, is:

– Apply a cleanser

– then get this damp in warm water

– Open it up

– and massage your skin in circular motions

– then rinse off and you’re going to be left with really nice moisturized skin without irritating it at all.

TOOL N°2 : The Microdermamitt

The next tool is about one step up from a muslin cloth this is a micro derma mitt so this is like getting a microdermabrasion treatment at home instead of going to the dermatologist, you can use this to get a deep exfoliation and really turn over some fresh skin cells, you’re going to get rid of all the flakiness on your skin and it’s going to break up the oil in your skin as well.

So, this is perfect for someone with oily skin who really wants a deep “deep” exfoliation a couple times a week, if you have a more sensitive skin you can still use this but maybe stick to once a week.

TOOL N°3 : The konjac sponge

Next up is an all-natural skincare tool, this is from one loved Organics, it’s their cleansing sponge and it’s a cute little heart, this is a konjac sponge which is a natural sponge and it’s also a big trend in Korean skincare.

This one in particular is made with bamboo charcoal, and it’s really useful so, a sponge like this looks hard and it’s going to harden up every time when it’s dry, but when you soak it in water it’s going to expand and get really soft and sort of have a rubbery texture which feels really cool when you’re using it.

So, you use this to massage cleanser into your skin, it’s going to give you a deeper clean, then you can just get with your fingers, and the charcoal in there is going to really help it pull out impurity. It’s also really great for people who have acne or oily skin, and want to get a nice deep clean.

TOOL N°4 : The Clarisonic


If you are interested in diving into electronic skin care tools, the most well-known and popular is probably the Clarisonic, this is made with their patented sonic technology.

It’s going to vibrate 300 times a second, so you know a cleansing, it’s actually cleansing six times more than you can just do with your hands alone.

This is great for someone who wants to get a really deep clean, it comes with these lovely soft brush heads, and they also make different kinds of brush heads so you can buy ones that are great for acne, that are great for sensitive skin, and switch these out you want to replace them once every three months or so.

This is super easy, this is the Mia one, so there is one setting one speed it turns off after one minute.

So, there’s really no guesswork here you know that you are getting a deep clean, and you are not over irritating your skin.

TOOL N°4 : The Foreo Luna mini

One of the newer tools on the skincare market is the foreo luna, and the foreo luna mini. These are made with silicone, they have got a really soft silicone nubs on there, that feel great as they are massaging your skin like the Clarisonic.

These are super easy to use all you do is push the ON button you can set to lower frequency or higher frequency pulses, it’s going to pulse once every time you need to move to a new section of your face and then it pulses three times when you’re done cleansing and you can move on to your next step.

One of the reasons the luna is so unique is that it actually comes with this anti-aging panel on the back, so after you’re done cleansing massaging this over your skin you hit the lower frequency button, and you can use the anti-aging part on those wrinkle prone areas, it stimulates collagen and prevents wrinkles from forming.

I think that’s such a unique thing, something that we are all looking for as we get a little bit older.

TOOL N°5 : The bliss fabulous pout-o-matic

Last but not least is something a little bit different, this is bliss fabulous pout-o-matic.

It’s their spa powered lip perfecting system, and this is really cool because especially in the winter, I always have really dry chapped lips.


So, it comes with the bliss fabulous lip scrub, which has hobo oil in their Shea, and cocoa butters, and a bunch of vitamins.

Smells amazing you put this on your lips and then you turn this ON. It’s got little massagers in there, that are going to spin around, massage your lips for a few seconds and it’s going to get rid of all that flakey skin.

Those are just some of my favorite skincare tools, if you’ve got your basic routine down pat and you want to upgrade it a little, I definitely think adding a skincare tool into the mix can help your skin feel a little bit better.

I cannot wait to hear what you guys think let me know in the comments if you’re going to try any of these, if you have any questions about my experiences with them. and I will see you soon.

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    • You are not alone, from time to time I also get these little dry patches, it is almost like eczema, I have noticed they will stick around for a few months then just disappear. I wouldn't exfoliate them though, it will irritate, I normally just apply some cream.
    • Thats a great idea, good luck to you! I use https://zen-promotion.com for likes, followers and analytics, maybe you'll find it useful.
    • Make sure to start with a good skincare routine. Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer. I also like to use some face oil with my moisturizer which really helps me. I do this all before I prime to make sure my skin is as hydrated as possible. I recommend Rose Hip Nourishing Oil by Mario Badescu.
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