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The Future of Makeup

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As you have noticed makeup releases have become boring, i check http://www.twipu.com/Trendmood everyday only to be shocked at the amount of brain dead companies releasing nothing but cool brown or warm tones all day, everyday, day after day.

I was even surprised with the foil palette Makeup Revolution just released even though they were on an excellent release streak, the way they practically only catered to only white / gold / pink and brown foil users was insulting, i ended up getting the BH Foil Eyes 1 Palette instead.

This video practically expresses the dissatisfaction consumers have with makeup releases as of late. 

I'm not here to advertise my pinterest, if you guys find it against the rules then i will remove the link, it's just that listing all the items in text and links will be a pain.
I have spent an embarrassing 2 years constantly buying makeup just to reach to this point and i'm still a newbie, cause hey you're not using makeup if you are spending most of your time trying to build up an inventory you would be proud of.

I hope by sharing this list you can complete everything in 5 months instead of 2 years like me and spend more time trying to get used to makeup.

It's highly encouraged that you guys chime in and share the colorful makeup palettes you have collected so that consumers do not have to weed through days, months, years of cool brown / warm toned trash just to get a reasonable catalog of makeup in their inventory. 

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    • I'm stressed out now because of the Experiences that have replaced my compulsive shopping. Last year at this time my big problem was cancelling beauty sub boxes. I've gotten myself into things that are a lot harder to cancel than Birchbox.  Last July I started to pursue some of my religious interests. It's a lot easier to worry about what to buy than what religion to belong to. You find yourself drawn to different denominations, and you don't know which is the right one. You start to get more involved in tithing but feel conflicted about it. Why are you giving up shopping to pay off debt, then giving large sums away? You become drawn to a faith that your family and friends are against, and you are not allowed to pursue your interest in that faith. Family members become angry with you. You are called to kitchen duty in your church and are so stressed because you can't cook, but part of you wants to do it. I have many conflicts.  Were you not better off shopping? I don't like Experiences.  I've been depressed for one week about these things. Last night I finally managed to clean the depression mess in my room. I had comforting dreams about shopping and I felt better when I woke up. It's interesting how my brain wants to go back to that comforting path. 
    • Moisturiser is one skincare staple that people with dry skin absolutely can’t do without. Dry patches, flakiness, peeling skin, are just some of the many issues that dry skin beauties have to deal with. And if that isn’t enough, finding the best moisturizer for dry skin that leaves your skin happy and hydrated is a task in itself.    Picking the right skincare products for your skin type is not an easy task - there is a lot of research involved in finding a product that would suit you the best. And that’s probably what brought you here, right?
    • Other than making you feel weirdly satisfied while peeling off the mask properly, charcoal peel off masks offers a wide range of skin benefits. Especially black peel off masks, which are all the rage right now among teenagers and adults.  
    • Hi guys. Well I am a 37 year old woman and I looked into a Makeup Academy when I was in my early 20s but it was too expensive for me to afford at the time. A little background on me. I never had anyone to teach me how to do makeup. My mom was NOT a girly girl so I had no real feminine influence lol. I have never tried to do anyone's makeup because I lack the confidence. But I would really like to learn. My question is, has anyone here started Makeup school at a later age? Were you in school with mostly younger folks and how did it work out for you? I guess my question is, is Age a disadvantage in this industry? Thanks!
    • I think it's totally depned uopn your desire and passion that what kinds of hair style you are going to have hair styling is little bit hard for culry hair as compared to straight hair..

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