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First of May, New Project

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Have reached the point again where I'm tired of shopping and want simplicity again. Also my card got hacked again, afraid to shop. 

New Project Pan:

Five Projects, work on each [one at a time] for six days, so that I make progress on each by the end of the month. Projects are organized by brand. Five projects times six days each equals 30 days. 

First 6 days - work on Bath and Body Works stash 

Second 6 days - work on miscellaneous products 

Third 6 days - use Principal Secret - purchased a three month supply

Fourth 6 days - use Sisley samples as I am subscribed to their beauty bag

Fifth 6 days - use Yves Rocher as I have a ton of their products

I have a lot of things I like and wake up each day not able to decide what to use. That's why I set this up. 

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Posted (edited)

I'm doing better. I no longer have that feeling that I'm a compulsive shopper, feeling guilty, cannot stop. I'm interested in some things, but not like I was. This is how it happens. I will go on a binge for a while, then it will calm down, and I'll look for things to help me simplify. I'm interested in a few things right now:

Sisley Paris Beauty Subscription - I'm in love with the Sisley Paris Subscription again. I like having a sub with everything from one brand now. I want to be organized, not with a random mix of items. I want a box to send me an organized beauty routine, not a random primer or things that don't go together. The April Sisley bag was "Cleansing and Protecting." The theme was, when you do your spring cleaning, spring clean your skin too, with lovely gel cleanser, pore lotions and detox night cream. Boy did I love that theme. I have oily skin and a messy room. This box actually motivated me to do some big spring cleaning. I took everything out of my bookcase and dusted, and moved furniture to vacuum. I banished a lot of dirt. And as a reward, I had a nice shower with the divine Sisley Tropical Resins Cleansing Gel (it smells really good from incense and myrrh extracts), and I got to put on the Global Perfect, a pretty pink, lavender smelling pore cream. A box that makes me motivated to clean - it's a miracle. In the May box they are sending a lip crayon! 

Principal Secret - One day I was relaxing in the yard reading my Victoria Principal beauty and diet books from the 80's. I always love to look at these wonderful books. So inspiring. This got me in the mood to try Principal Secret again. Remember watching those infomercials, and getting a box with a video and all kinds of free goodies? It was marvelous. I ordered a box, and on You Tube I found one of the early videos Victoria had, which showed Aida Thibiant. Mrs. Thibiant was the most beautiful, charming, French skin care specialist, who had a salon in Beverly Hills. Many stars swore by her. Victoria started seeing her in her early 20's. I loved looking back at all of that, and remembering the 1980's when we all watched Victoria on Dallas - what a unique beauty. Then I found out it is the end of an era - Victoria announced she is leaving her skin care business to focus on her philanthropic foundation and animal rescue. I was surprised, but I send my thanks. In these days when there is so much on the market, we forget about amazing things like the Principal Secret. It has been announced that we will still be able to order her formulas, however. 

Beauty Heroes Box - I discovered the Beauty Heroes subscription box. It has been around for a few years, but is brand new to me. It's a little expensive, and you have to pay up front for at least three months. The three month plan is $128.85, or $42.95 per month, but really, I will spend 40 dollars on one dinner at Sonny's BBQ, or a trip to the grocery store for junk food. This box is run by a talented lady who grew up in Hawaii and worked in the spa industry. The emphasis is on green beauty, ingredient purity, and it's sophisticated. It opens up a whole new world. I only found them Wednesday night, and I've already got a box, and learned a lot of things. They have a philosophy of "Use Less, Love More." In their box they send just two [sometimes a little more] really good, high quality - and costly - core products. And then - and this is what sold me on spending so much - they really educate you on how to use the products in a beauty routine. They send you a card with an entire beauty ritual on it, and will even tell you how to use the new product in conjunction with products from the prior months boxes. This is what I want! When I get a beauty box, I get five random things, and a little card with a marketing blurb and I don't know what to do with the things, and they end up in boxes not used. There's a really good e book on the site too, an excellent read. I have not even gotten to the box yet. I ordered my box Thursday morning and had it by Saturday. I got two products from a Spanish brand called Ayuna. I got a day cream called "Velo" and an acid toner called "Facial". These products smell great and feel sublime on the skin. They are based on an interesting concept of "topical fasting", which means a very simple regimen that allows the skin to heal, using just a beautiful artisan black soap and a touch of light cream, for example. This box is just for skin care, hair care, and body care, though, not for those who want a box with makeup. The company sends makeup in their separate limited edition boxes. 

I think it's a sign of progress that I looked at the spoilers from Sephora Play, Glam Bag Plus, etc., and I did not want to sign up for them. I want something simpler. Getting a lot of unrelated things just does not appeal any longer, no matter how nice the things are, or what a good value they are. I want boxes to send me things that fit together like a puzzle. 

One more new interest - When I get ready to do a No Buy/Project Use It Up again, I am going to get Ulta's DIY Customizable 3 Piece Kit. This is $19.50 (Buy one get one 50 percent off today), and it has an exfoliating powder, mask powder, and serum dropper that can be mixed in to upgrade your existing beauty products. What a fun way to kick off a project to use up one's products, no? 

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Besides following the wonderful new royal baby Archie, I've been reading about a spa called Rescue Spa. There is a really beautiful Polish lady who runs it who has a perfect skin with no makeup, and she's in her 50's. Her name is Ms. Danuta Mieloch. On the Rescue Spa YouTube channel, you can see her beauty routines, and you can also read about them on Into the Gloss. Her routines are awe inspiring, not just because she uses tons of amazing Biologique Recherche and Valmont products, but it's also they way she applies things. She does have a lot of products, and alternates them.

I found that if you email the spa, they will send you a questionnaire and then do an online consultation for you. They sent me a super long email, very in depth. I have not processed it all yet. Some things they advised me: do a double cleanse in the evening; remove cleanser with muslin cloth; best cotton rounds are Koh Gen Doh or Delon. I can't afford to buy all the things they suggested for me, but maybe I should get inspired to use all my skin care products more, since I already have too many. I currently just focus on using one thing at a time. This could inspire my new project use it up! 

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