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Early symptoms of ovarian cancer that will knock you down

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Ovarian cancer is quite common in women today. Finding the disease by looking at the following early symptoms will help you beat this silent killer:

1. Indigestion

Most women feel indigestible during their period. Nevertheless, this indigestion lasting longer than 3 weeks is one of the early symptoms of ovarian cancer. The tumor causes abnormal liquid accumulation in the pelvic or abdominal area, creating digestive problems. 

2. Anorexia

Losing your appetite is one of the most common signs of ovarian cancer. Besides, you will also feel full quickly after eating and find it hard to consume a small meal. 

3. Unusual vagina bleeding

A menstrual cycle comes only once in a month. Any vagina bleeding before or after the period is considered unusual. And you should go to see a doctor immediately to get diagnosed. 

4. Lower back pain

There are many reasons for lower back pain. However, if you are certain that you do not have any bone or joint-related illness, such as arthritis and osteoporosis, you should go to a clinic as soon as possible. It is a sign which shows that you are likely to have ovarian cancer. 

5. Pain during sex

When ovarian tumor is developing, patients often experience pain while having sex. It appears on the right or left side of the pelvis and makes you feel uncomfortable. 

The above symptoms occur in silence and are usually mistaken with other types of illness. Therefore, to protect yourself, it is recommended to change your habits and strictly follow the doctor's directions. If you are in the cancer treatment process, you should use some supplements to support it. 


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