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How to provide calcium for kids?

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Calcium support is concerned by millions of mothers. Nonetheless, not many of them know how to provide calcium for their children correctly.

Signs of calcium deficiency in children

- At mild level

Children having calcium deficiency at mild level often startle while they sleep, burst into tears when they wake up, showing spasms and red-purple face. Some children burst into tears for hours and even all night. Furthermore, they are easy to get hiccups and vomit. 

- At severe level

  • Have sweats all the time, particularly while sleeping
  • Doughnut-shaped hair loss
  • Children find it hard to breathe
  • Fast heartbeat and breath

Calcium support by diets

To have the children nurtured, calcium should be provided by the following food:

- Dairy produce: Milk, Cheese, and Yoghurt

- Soy milk

- Orange juice

- Tofu

- Salmon bones

- Sweet potatoes

- Beans

- Broccoli

- Serios

- Additional supplements

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i give them lots of nuts and seeds for the calcium and nutrient.

its a lot better that dairy products to be honest

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i have a big relief. turn out my little boy loves broccoli.

should have introduced this earlier. thanks OP for giving me the idea of broccoli!

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Dairy products are only supposed to be good up until a certain age, and even then it's a western thing to consume milk etc, the far east don't bother with it & live much longer than us - I watch a documentary once that said most of the world is lactose intolerant even if we can still drink it, we've just built up an immunity 😲

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