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There is still half a year left to achieve our goals!

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I lost my will and strayed from my goals, but I was looking over things, and everything is aligned for me to be successful in the second half of 2019! Looking at my bills, I see that if I go on a No Buy for the rest of the year, I can pay off a lot of debts, as follows! [debt snowball]

June - pay off $30.00 card

July - pay off $100.00 card

Aug - pay off $243.29 card

Sept - pay off $244.76 card

Oct - pay off $441.25 card

Nov - pay off $443.38 card

Dec - pay off $523.50 card

Wouldn't that be amazing? It is doable if I focus. I would like to get back to being focused on my goals, and have fun using up what I have again. I still have way too much stuff. Also I could do without all the overeating I do. 

Goal - start systematically using up cosmetics right away, no buy, and pay off $30.00 debt by end of June! 

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I got started on the plan! I'm using my tried and true method. I went through all of my things and gathered all my foil packet samples to use fist, since it's easy! I had a few foil pack samples that were open, that I had used once or twice and abandoned. Those are first priority. I noticed that I enjoyed this, and it was stress and anxiety relieving. I'm having fun, and appreciating the nice things I have. 

When I am in the mood for it, I love these projects so much. I feel I am going to be getting back in the zone and I'm excited. 

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I completed my June goal of paying off $30.00. It was for face cream and serum I bought on a "buy now pay later" plan. I want to buy more! Goal for the rest of the month is to unsubscribe from this buy now pay later place and forget about it, as I am all paid up with them. 

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Last night I was organizing things for my Project Use It Up, and it brought back good memories of my 2018 year long no buy, I realized I'd just taken up all my old No Buy habits again so easily. It was a wonderful feeling of familiarity. Then I realized that my 2018 No Buy was not a failure, was not a waste, even though I cracked and have been back in my compulsive shopping since January. Because during that No Buy and even the No Buys before that, I developed a system for myself, and built up habits, and it's all still there. All of my cosmetics are still organized the way I had them in my No Buy. My debts are pretty low now because I worked hard paying extra on them during the No Buy. Everything has been on hold, but is waiting for me to come back, right where I left off. It was a wonderful moment of reconciliation. 

My first financial goal was to pay off my $30.00 bill for a buy now pay later site. I made the payment yesterday, the payment is still pending, and I still feel tempted to buy more from the site. So even though the bill is paid, I don't have closure yet. I hope that craving will go away. Because if I buy the things I want, that will add another $60 to $90 to the beginning of the debt snowball, plus reinforce shopping on that site even more.

But the No Buy Project Pan activities soothe my anxiety and boredom. Last night I was organizing my shower gels based on fluid ounces (I have over 30, and want to use up the smaller ones first because they are easier). I fell asleep and had a nightmare about work. Then in the dream I was organizing my shower gels at my desk at work. I saw some beautiful white bottles with ornate gold letters, French words about summer. They were Yves Rocher limited edition summer shower gels. When I saw those, it was a reality check. I realized those were not real shower gels in my collection, and I became lucid in my dream. I decided in my lucid dream I wanted to go to Europe to spend the summer in an elegant villa. I left work through ornate thin metal gates, painted white, and walked down a green grassy path. I was a little worried because I only had my purse with me; I had left everything else behind at work. I figured I must have some money, so I would work things out when I got to Europe. Then the YouTube playlist that I keep running all night switched to another video, and I woke up. 


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