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Half month of June 13-30

  • Paid off $30.00 debt
  • Paid extra $20.00 on smallest credit card
  • Used up Sisley Hair Masque foil packet
  • Used up dermalogica cleanser foil packet 
  • Used one bath bomb
  • Used up Sisley Izia Shower Gel foil pack
  • Used up Eve Lom Cleanser foil pack
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I've been back on No Buy and Project Use It Up for one week, and it's going great. Excellent start! More progress;

  • Registered for a dental insurance 
  • Used up TreSemme Hair Masque foil packet
  • Used up Mario Badescu eye cream foil packet
  • Used up Mary Kay Coal eye shadow sample card
  • Used up Yves Rocher Anti Age Global Essence foil packet
  • Used up Yon-Ka Cleansing Milk deluxe sample

Goals for last ten days of June, to get ready for No Buy July:

  • Use up some more little samples
  • Tomorrow is first day of summer; begin using Yves Rocher limited edition summer bath and body products from 2017 and 2018 (one perfumed hair mist, one body wash, one body scrub, two gel lotions)
  • Next payday, make minimum payment early for the credit card I want to pay off July

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I'm still on No Buy Project Use It Up and so glad to be back. Some people go on a one year No Buy and write a book about it, or have a YouTube video series, and at the end of the year, all their problems are resolved, everything has a perfect ending with a bow on top. I don't find that the case for me. I finished a one year No Buy, but it was not enough to achieve all my goals. For me, it has to be a way of life, all the time!

On the other hand, I feel it did me good to take a break and get some new things. Now I have come back to the No Buy refreshed and with new things to enjoy using up. I am so happy that during the six month break from being on No Buy, I stopped myself from opening a lot of new charge accounts. I started to open several, but then I closed them right away; I just couldn't let myself do it. So the No Buy changed my behavior in that area.

I am a perfectionist who wants everything to be in a straight line, perfect, black and white, no shades of grey. But now I'm learning that it's okay to fall off the No Buy wagon, and then come back. That is a breakthrough. 

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I have now completed two weeks on my No Buy! 

  • Used up Sisley Eye Masque foil packet 
  • Used up Yves Rocher Elixir Jeunesse Day Cream foil packet
  • Used up Yves Rocher Riche Creme Day Cream foil packet 
  • Used up Avene cleansing milk deluxe sample

I also got a raise last week, so I feel God has blessed this new plan! I may get another raise in August! I paid another $30.00 of the credit card I am trying to pay off. $70.00 left to pay. 

I received four packages that were purchased before I went on No Buy. I got some lovely nude lipsticks, and my Sisley sub box. 

I am overall very happy with my plan thus far! 

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Progress at end of June:

  • Used up Sisley Black Rose Cream foil packet
  • Used up dermalogica skin prep scrub foil packet 

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