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How To Look Beauty Without Make Up

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Women these days rarely are able to find extra time on their hands to even put on any makeup. One, however, does feel the need to look their very best at all times though. If you’re  learn as to how to look pretty and beautiful and to find that all-natural gorgeous glow on your face, here's a list of certain habits that you could develop, if you haven’t already, in your drive towards being beautiful, makeup or not.

Get Enough Sleep
Apart from the fact that sleep provides your mind and body with some rest (and takes you on a fum to dreamland), getting adequate sleep is extremely important to the health of your skin as well.  

Eat Right
 ‘You are what you eat!’ just couldn’t be repeated oft enough. Ensuring that your body gets all the nutrients it needs, and inadequate quantities are the very foundation of hav healthy and glowing skin.

Adopting the right skincare routine can make  difference to the health of your skin. Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising and Exfoliation are the very essentials of any skincare routine, no matter your skin type. 

Always  happy and stay poised
All of the tips and tricks mentioned above won’t really matter if you’re taking enormous amounts of stress, aren’t maintaining proper hygiene or grooming yourself well.

Source: https://hapiwoman.blogspot.com/2019/06/how-to-look-beautiful-without-make-up.html

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Looking good without makeup is a tough thing and natural glow can save you. 

I tried many ways starting with multtani mitti, Besan and all other way but this article is one stop shop. Check it out


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 Wash your face twice daily. Skincare is a key factor in looking good without makeup.
    Wear moisturizer daily.
    Exfoliate once a week.
    Use toner.
    Always remove your makeup.
    Take care of any pimples.
    Wear sunscreen always.
    Stop touching your face.

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Guys recently on my Moms birthday I wanted to gift her a cream suiting her age. So I got this article that describes skincare for all age

20's 30's and so on. Isnt it one stop shop.! Check it out

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Makeup doesn't make you beautiful. It might enhance your physical appearance, but beauty lies within ourselves. 
To appear beautiful, both with or without makeup, the main aspect is to have a nice personality. 
It's your behaviour, atitude and the way you interact that will attract people to you, not necessarily your physical appearance. 

I started to pay close attention to the way they interacted with people and their overall behaviour. Some of the key things that I noticed were - 
1. Be confident in your skin. 
2. Even if you don't want to use makeup, make sure that your skin and clothes look nice and clean. (Use facewashes to clear any dirt from your face.) 
3. Drink alot of water. It brightens your skin up and makes you feel good.
4. Have an open, ready-to-help and always-smiling personality. 
5. Wear colours that suit you. Same goes for clothes - wear the right size. 
6. At last but not least, always SMILE!!

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