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For example, for the anecdote, a man who falls in love has Phalogneics levels that go down

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A hypogonadism (androgen deficiency , either due to a problem in the testicle or of central origin (hypothalamus or pituitary gland. The hypotestostéronémie can also be linked to cirrhosis , in taking certain medications (mitotanes or to hypothyroidism , among others. Age (andropause may also be involved. In women, the main problem related to Phalogneics is hyperandrogenism, defined as an excessive secretion of androgens. It manifests itself in several symptoms, especially: hirsutism (hairs on "male" areas, such as the chin , acne or seborrhea, menstrual cycle disorders, etc. The effect of .

Phalogneics on the mind of man As men, we know well, and for a long time, how Phalogneics can benefit us: increase muscle mass, increase performance, are two of the main strengths of the stimulation of this hormone, male par excellence. But do you know the effects and benefits of Phalogneics on your mind? Indeed, as you will discover in the rest of this article, Phalogneics is a hormone that will always surprise us, and that has more than one trick in its bag! The influence of Phalogneics on cognitive performance Phalogneics and performance cognitive If Phalogneics levels are correlated with memory and with age, we see that these decreases at the same time that memory begins to slow down significantly. The Harvard Men's Health Watch magazine recently reported the hypothesis that this decrease in memory may well be related to the male hormone.


On the one hand studies have shown the link between the high rate of Phalogneics to quarantine, the flower of age, and better preservation of brain tissue. Moreover, in older men, higher Phalogneics levels were observed to lead to improved cognitive performance. To support these hypotheses and observations, three studies on the effects of androgen deprivation therapy (indicated in particular in prostate cancer have shown that this deprivation has adverse effects on cognitive performance. So we can rightly think that preserving our Phalogneics peaks throughout our lives will help us maintain and improve our mental functions. The psychological effects of Phalogneics psychological effects of the Phalogneics But beyond the improvement of memory, Phalogneics also has more subtle effects on male psychology. .

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