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Introducing the Polaris 3900 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

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The 3900 Sport is a robotic swimming pool cleaner made by Polaris. It is their first entry into the robotic pool cleaner market which is a huge surprise to us. It's a surprise because Polaris has been making quality pool cleaners for nearly 40 years. To be truthful we think this robotic cleaner was worth the wait.


When we opened up the box the first thing we noticed was the beautiful and bold design. This cleaner is like the Ferrari of robotic pool cleaners. It is beautiful and sleek which contribute to the aquadynamic design. This cleaner looks like it can really move, which works out well when it comes time to clean the swimming pool. When we got it in the water it didn't disappoint us.


The 3900 Sport is like a pinata at a birthday party when it comes to features. It's just spilling with features and we all wanted a piece of them. These features are what really drive the performance of this robotic cleaner. One of those features is the rear water propulsion system. This system is great for cleaning those hard to reach areas. Cleaning tight corners is easy thanks to this feature.


Another great feature is the all-terrain Aqua-Trac wheels. When we opened the box we noticed that these wheels had some give to them. They were not made of hard plastic. They were made of a hard rubber material. These wheels provided great traction in the pool. They allowed the 3900 to climb the walls and steps with ease. It was like watching a world-class climber climb a jungle gym. It was pretty fast. There was no obstacle that this cleaner couldn't overcome. Dirt and debris are in trouble when this cleaner comes around.


By far the cleaning capabilities are what amazed us the most. This cleaner has deep-cleaning scrubbing brush action. The brush scrubs the floor and walls of the pool all the while loosening dirt and debris. The dirt and debris are then removed through an oversized suction intake found on the bottom of the cleaner. In our test, we found that even small pebbles were no match for the 3900 Sport’s cleaning power.


To create such great cleaning power the 3900 Sport utilizes Vortex Vacuum Technology. Now from our research, we found that Vortex Vacuum Technology uses a revolutionary vacuum flow design. This design allows for quick and efficient cleaning while maintaining maximum suction through the entire cleaning cycle. In plain English: This cleaner can eat dirt and debris like a hungry lion that hasn't eaten in days. Thanks to the two programmed cleaning cycles, quick-clean and regular cycles, this cleaner were able to clean the pool in no time.


Another feature that had us excited is the large capacity filter canister. This filter canister was able to store an enormous amount of dirt and debris. This greatly cut down on the time between cleaning filter canister. When it finally came time to change the filter canister it was easy to do. Thanks to the quick release system everything was simple. This feature by far was one of our favorites. We no longer had to deal with messy filter bags. The canister was extremely easy to clean all we needed to do was give it a quick rinse and it was ready to go.


In comparison removing the filter bags or filter media from other robotic cleaners was a huge hassle. A person has to remove the bottom and deal with a messy, dirty, and wet filter bag. The bag would then have to be washed out and usually, it took a good deal of effort to replace the bag. We loved the fact that we were able to access the filter canister from the top of the cleaner. We just popped the hood and the canister was easily accessible.


Simple and easy is exactly what we got with this cleaner as it came equipped with a heavy gauge alloy caddy. The caddy felt very sturdy and it allowed us to transport and store the cleaner with ease. It also came with 60 Ft. of double insulated cable, making it perfect for swimming pools up to 20Ft. x 50Ft. The only problem we had with the cable was that it attached to the front of the cleaner. We felt that for aesthetic reasons the cord should have been attached to the rear of the cleaner, but other than that this cleaner met our expectations.


With such a great product we wonder what took Polaris so long to enter into the robotic pool cleaner market. As a first entry, we were blown away. With its beautiful design and cleaning power, this cleaner is definitely going to change the robotic pool cleaner market. Thanks, Polaris we can't wait to see what you come up with next. If you need more information about products for swim pool, read this review. Good luck!

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