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My "unattainable" crush from high school

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I had an experience with a guy when I was in high school last year, and sometimes I ask myself just how common it is with these kinds of guys.

This guy that I knew a bit back then was the kind of guy that was "over-the-top" attractive, in other words so attractive that no other guy that I can think of can really compare.
He was above average height (probably 6'5 or so), and he had a fantastic physique, beautiful eyes and and a beautiful face, and his whole appearance seemed like absolute perfection.
As you can imagine, he had loads of admirers - and I was one of them.
I started trying to spend time with him at school since we had a couple common friends, and most of the time when I hung out with him I was just trying to flirt with him the best I could (even resorting to cheap tricks such as wearing tight push-up strap tops on purpose and stuff like that), even though I was shy.
Sometimes I had the luck to sit alone with him for a couple seconds, and I spent a lot of time giggling and blushing, and also trying to come up with excuses to date him, but he said that he didn't have the time because he had some other stuff to do, or he said that he would think about it (and then forget about it).
I eventually gave up trying to hook up with him, and tried to enjoy being close to him and give it some more time, and, of course, I would notice multiple signs of interest from other girls.
One time a girl was passing us by while we were sitting in a corridor, and as soon as she spotted him she eyed him with great interest as long as she could, and she seemed to change her walk a bit and make more fluid and sensual - then she stopped about 20 feet away or so, leaned on her leg and looked over her shoulder right at him for with large eyes and a smile for at least a minute, before she had to start a lecture.
It was also common that some girls bluntly walked up to him and started talking to him and being generally nervous and giggly, and tried to ignore me as much as possible (and if they looked at me, it was always with a brief angry glare) - some of them could ask him out right there as well, but he would politely say no.
I also heard from two of my friends in our class that they were in love with him, and asked me for advice, which of course was a tough situation for me.
And when I had a conversation with the first friend about this, the guy walked up to us and chatted a bit after a while, and my friend just looked up at him and said "...hiii..." and then stood and gazed at him with large eyes nonstop - she had a shy smile the entire time, but her eyes expressed a great longing, and I could see very clearly in her body language that she tried her best to resist the temptation to jump on him, and this resulted in her breathing more quickly, nervously moistening her lips a lot, and blushing.
And sometimes when he and I talked, he could use physical contact for emphasis, and it would typically either be him resting his hand on my arms or shoulders, or sometimes my waist - I didn't know how to act in those situations, but I loved it and hoped that it meant that he was finally interested.
And we did eventually become "friends with benefits" for a couple weeks or so, and the first time we met in his home I was so excited that I was experiencing early signs of orgasms before we had even got into bed, and then this kept building up to me more and more for a couple hours or so.
This became a real addiction to me, and I wanted to have sex with him as much as possible, although I tried to not be too crazy.
He eventually dumped me, maybe because he might have found me too easily available, and this was before last summer vacation, so it was easier to stop seeing him for that reason.

Do you think that it is common for hot guys to be this popular?
I never saw him making any moves on anyone at all, it was always the girls who really really wanted him and tried to make that very clear.

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