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October 2019 No Buy

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Products to use up in October:

  • Foil packet of Sisley Saffron Sleeping Masque - I have been using this once a week since Labor Day weekend. It's really nice. It smells like orange blossom. 
  • Deluxe sample tube Sisley hand cream - I use it before bed so it won't be wasted from washing hands during the day.
  • One ounce tubes of Sisley body scrub and body lotion. I use the body scrub once a week. 
  • My last sample eye cream - Sahajan Ayurvedic eye cream. It is really nice, and contains honey. I got it in a Good Being box two years ago. 
  • My last sample face cleanser - Mario Badescu glycolic cleanser. This is used once a week or a few times a week depending on skin type, in place of one's regular cleanser. So it's a gel cleanser, but it is used more like a scrub or masque. 
  • My last two mini face creams. The first is Comfort Zone Cream. It's so cool and refreshing, and has starch powder in it for oily skin. Comfort Zone is the skin care branch of the Davines company from Italy, and I got this in a Birchbox last spring. Also YonKa Creme 15. This is to be applied only on blemishes, and can also be used as a masque about twice a week on areas with breakouts. 
  • Full size Yves Rocher Holiday Limited Edition Cranberry Almond Shower Gel - This is from the 2016 holiday collection. I really love it and have been hoarding it and saving it, but I am going to treat myself and finish it all this month so I won't be tempted by the new holiday things coming out.

Also my goal is to finish paying off my credit card with balance of $150 this month! 




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I just cheated on my No Buy and bought the Yves Rocher Advent Calendar! I decided to get it as it has many things I want: some of their new perfumes, and their limited edition holiday scents, as well as nice makeup and manicure things. I felt this was a really good buy, great buy, and I got free gifts with purchase also. You know what? I don't feel too bad. I have not shopped since June 13. Also I feel I will still be sticking to my No Buy. I paid off my credit card already and am now trying to work on my second job to earn money to pay off the next one [balance $250] by Halloween. Hopefully I can do so and this will be my only lapse. 

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I got my Yves Rocher Advent Calendar. I am so happy with it, but I'm not going to open it until Advent. Until then I will keep working on using up older things. What's great is that I was able to be satisfied buying that one thing, and did not go on a spree of buying tons of items. I also am able to continue my No Buy not feeling like that cheat killed it. That's a good breakthrough for me. I think it's good to have a little treat this time of year so as not to feel burned our when January comes, like I did last year. By Halloween I should have another credit card paid off, so excited.

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My most recent empties:

  • I finished my full size Yves Rocher Cranberry and Almond Holiday Shower Gel from 2016-I certainly enjoyed it, and got my money's worth!
  • Finished a bath (bar) soap-don't remember what kind.
  • Finished deluxe sample of Yarok Feed Your Ends-from a fall 2017 Good Being Box.
  • Finished deluxe sample Sisley Body Cream-was a lovely shea butter cream.
  • Finished deluxe sample Sisleya Hand Cream.
  • Finished deluxe sample Comfort Zone Active Pureness Fluid.
  • Finished Travel Pack Member's Mark Makeup Remover Towelettes. This is the Sam's Club brand, and they are really good. I don't usually care for this type of cleanser, but I got a whole case for Christmas last year. They smell nice, don't burn or leave the face sticky.
  • Sisley Saffron Sleeping Masque foil pack. It smells like orange blossom and has a lovely texture. The foil pack lasted for ages! 

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Finishing October with some little empties:

  • Another Travel Pack of the Member's Mark Makeup Remover Towelettes. They are refreshing to use when I am tired from being at work all day. 
  • Marvis Toothpaste - This lasted me a year. It was expensive, very nice, but I now have an enamel and gum repair toothpaste as my teeth are quite bad. 
  • Dove "Bloom" Deodorant. Not my favorite. Replaced with Secret Tropical Orchid. 
  • Mini size Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser. 


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This week I was able to get a new bottle of shampoo, as my one bottle is getting low. I just got a big $2.00 bottle of Suave Strawberry Shampoo. While I was getting that (at Dollar General), I saw a one dollar "Macarons" sheet masque. I let go and let myself buy it, though it was not needed. I love anything to do with macarons. 

Today is a great day - I got my pay from my second job and was able to pay off my credit card - a $200 payment and it is paid in full! I love the empty spaces in my calendar where there used to be many bill payments listed. My next credit card balance in the debt snowball was $461, but I paid off $126 today on it also - now the balance is $335. I'll be working on that next. It's an amazing feeling. 

I saw the new Yves Rocher promo and I fell in love with the new holiday bath products, which are white almond, and the new argan rose gift set, etc. I wanted to get them, but then I recalled I have minis of these things in the Advent Calendar I got! So I was able to hold off on getting the full sizes for now! 

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