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My experience of being friends with an obscenely attractive guy

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When I was in college last year I would often hang out with 3 other guys, and we would just spend time together like normal, typically.
However, there was one guy who stuck out among us, and for several reasons - one reason was that he was both much taller than the rest of us and also had a significantly more powerful build (he was about 6'8 and had large natural muscles all over him whereas the rest of us were about 5'10 and nowhere near as muscular as him), and he was also really good-looking - really, really good-looking, so good-looking that even I could sometimes get a jittery stomach when I saw him, even though I have always considered myself straight.
Of course, this was in his favour in several very significant ways:
when the four of us were out together we would very often notice girls giggle when they passed us by, and it was always because they were checking out our hot friend.
Also, whenever we started talking to new people, they always showed a great interest in our friend, and he became the center of attention among everyone, despite being fairly quiet, and people always smiled and were generally polite to him.
And if we were approached by girls, they would never split up among us, they would always zone in on our friend and flirt with him, and the rest of us were basically completely invisible to them - and if we stayed out for a couple hours, then he would always have anything between 10-20 phone numbers from girls who had approached him that evening, and sometimes he would date and have sex with several of them one at a time over the same time period - we had asked him about this a few times, and he once somewhat hesitantly admitted that he often met 2-3 girls on the same day, one at a time.
This was a little frustrating at first, but we eventually got used to it, and it became natural that he got all the attention and we had learned to accept it, and just laughed about it.
We would also have to make sure that we agreed on when we should come and pick him up if we went out that evening, because if we made a spontaneous visit then he would always have the company of some beautiful girl, and sometimes he would have a girl there even if we had agreed on a certain time - and it was always a different girl every time, so apparently he was the type of guy who enjoyed sleeping around.

I think that even the rest of us guys were a bit into him, or almost at least - I noticed that all of us would have slightly more "romantic" mannerisms in front of him, and we would often give him various compliments and listen very intently to him whenever he spoke.
And of course, he was also a very successful model and could sometimes have other model agents walk up to him and offer him even more jobs, but he would decline them, and we knew that he got lots of money from his actual model job (much more money per hour than any other of us, I think he had come up to almost twice what any of us got).
And sometimes he would be approached by girls who he wasn't particularly interested in dating, usually because he already had lots of dates, and those girls would keep flirting and trying to convince him, sometimes right in front of the rest of us, and sometimes he would eventually say yes anyway, and often walk off with her and sit down with her in a corner and make out with her - and sometimes he would make out with two girls at the same time, and all that had happened up to that point had been that they had approached him, asked him if they could hang out, then sit and flirt wildly with him and made attempts to kiss him.
It was so easy for him to get girls that it was outright disgusting - he could even get openly irritated at the girls who pestered him when he had said no to them, and they would find that hot as well - but quite amazing at the same time.
I am not sure how common this is, but it was very fascinating to witness it like this.

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Much depends on the ultimate goal. Are you sure you need to be as successful among girls as your friend? I know a lot of guys who would like a serious relationship more. Finding a good girl is no longer a problem, I think ..

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