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No Buy in November!

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Goals for November: getting ready to enjoy the holidays in December, and making an early start on New Years Resolutions. 

Work on credit card with balance of $335. I have a goal to pay it off in the beginning of February, 2020. Therefore, I hope to reduce the balance some more by the end of 2019.

Also this month I want to use some more things up, because in December I will have my Advent Calendar. 

  • Use up Yves Rocher Golden Tea Shower Gel - this is the holiday shower gel from last year. 
  • Use up Sahajan Eye Cream mini - almost done.
  • Use up Sisley Body Scrub mini - almost done. 
  • Finish travel pack of Member's Mark Makeup Wipes. 
  • Try to finish a few more little items. 




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I'm starting to feel in a shopping mood. There is a change in energy. The long dark nights are so cozy. They make me want to go to stores and see lights and decorations, eat food and buy holiday beauty products! I am trying to content myself with the thought that I already have my beauty advent calendar. Three weeks until I can start using that. There is so little time and money to shop now. I miss the old days, when I went to the mall all the time. It was so relaxing. The malls by me are just not the same as they used to be. One is like a ghost town. I used to love when the malls would be open late Sunday nights for the holidays. I also used to love bookstores, especially the used paperback stores. Those are gone now. I guess I'm glad I had fun shopping when I did have the time and money. Now we have so much more choice with online shopping, but going out to stores was fun. 

Back to plan. I am using up my mini Yonka Creme 15 now. It is a great cream. I got the big Yves Rocher Christmas catalog last night. I saw many things I wanted. Again, I am telling myself to just hold off, because I got my advent calendar and that will be enough. Just three more weeks to be good and use up some of my older stuff. Then I will have something new every day from my advent calendar, and then I might get some beauty gifts for the holidays, so be patient! 



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I want to buy myself some new stuff so badly. Not even expensive stuff, just dollar store beauty items. But not allowed! My credit card balance is now $270. I am absolutely obsessed with getting it paid off by the end of the year! Since it's so close to zero, why start the new year with it? 

I don't know too much about the expensive holiday beauty stuff or beauty sub boxes out now - I have not been looking at them. I have been getting videos in my You Tube recommendations with low priced beauty items from dollar stores and Wal Mart, Walgreen's, and I want to buy myself those. When my family members asked what I want for Christmas, I asked for some of those. I don't need anything; it's just that they are fun. 

One more week until I can start using my beauty advent calendar. Goal is to use up my Bumble & Bumble Don't Blow it mini this week. 

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End of November. I did well, and got my credit card balance down to $166.85! I just want to pay it off by midnight on New Year's Eve, more than anything! I've used up the following:

  • Suave Rose Oil Shampoo
  • Members Mark Makeup Remover Wipes Travel Pack
  • Mini Sisley Floral Toner
  • Mini Sisley Body Scrub
  • Mini Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It cream for air drying fine hair
  • Mini Sahajan Aryuvedic Eye Cream
  • Mini Yonka Creme 15

I'm excited for December. 




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