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Please help! Sanitary questions! Q&a test

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Hi, I have been working very hard to complete my online classes for my mastery make up artistry program! For some reason I cannot get higher than a B+ and I would really like to submit my unit with an a or an A+! LOL I don’t know if that’s asking too much...  when I asked my tutor where I could find the information of the questions that were being asked, he simply replied by stating, There are no Specific places in your manual to find these answers so it’s more of a  pre-knowledge quiz . I have googled as much as I can but I’m still having a lot of issues… If anybody can help me answer any of these questions it would mean the world to me and I would love to help you out in anyway that I can! Thank you so much in advance! 

this quiz is done in multiple choice find the multiple choice answers next to the bullet point. The answers that I selected have a star at the end of the answer... please keep in mind that they do not tell you which answers you got wrong/right




#1. ______________ are the only makeup products that don’t harbor bacteria. 


•Liquids and gels

•Water-based products


•Pressed and loose powders. *



2. Which of the following products CANNOT be cleaned using sterilizing solution or rubbing alcohol?


•Pencils such as pencil eyeliners, lip liners and eyebrow pencils

•Liquid products such as liquid foundations, liquid lipsticks and mascaras*

•Solid cream products such as lipsticks and stick concealers

Pressed powders and loose powders such as powder eye shadows, powder blushes and setting powders



3. True or false: If a pressed powder gets wet and isn’t allowed to dry properly, it can start to grow bacteria.




•True *



4. Which of the following is NOT an effective way to address the problem of double-dipping?


•Instructing your clients to bring all their own products to their makeup session with you *


•Only double-dipping with products that don’t harbor bacteria (i.e. pressed and loose powders)


•Removing some product from the container and putting it on a palette or the back of your hand


•Using a clean brush every time you need more product from a container



5. What are universal precautions?


•Guidelines on which makeup product colors will clash with which skin tones


•Any steps makeup artists take that are related to safety and hygiene


•Safety practices in the medical field that aren’t relevant to makeup artists


•Steps taken to protect yourself against disease and infection spread via contact with bodily fluids*



6. You realize you’ve double-dipped your disposable spoolie in your mascara by accident. What should you do now?


•Throw out the mascara and charge your client a fee to replace it


•Continue to use the mascara on other clients


•Give the mascara to your client to keep*


•Sanitize the mascara by pouring a little rubbing alcohol in the tube*



7. You should clean your brushes:


•Once a week


•Brushes don’t need to be cleaned


•After every client*


•After every three clients


8. True or false: Makeup products that have changed color, dried up, separated or developed a bad smell are still safe to use on clients.





9. Which of the following is the best place to store your makeup products?


•Somewhere cool and humid


•In the trunk of your car


•Somewhere cool and dry*


•In your bathroom cabinets


Please Note that I have taken this test 2 times that is the reason that there are/maybe two stars at the end because I had change my answers

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