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New Years Resolutions 2020

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I am going on a No Buy (replacements only) in January and February. My goal is to pay off a credit card of $140 (accounting for interest, I will need to pay off around $150), and to use up my deluxe sample sized beauty items. The same resolution I have every year, but this time it's different. I'll be paying off the last in a very long series of mini debts I had in my debt snowball, after two years of paying things off. After that I'll be going into a different phase, working on larger debts. Also, I am starting with far, far fewer sample beauty products than I used to, having used so many up in the last two years.  It's exciting, getting to the end of this phase. I'm going to be going through my samples in the next two weeks and getting ready! It's a good way to start the year, with smaller goals and easier wins. 

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Another New Years Resolution I am thinking of: The 52 Week Savings Challenge. This is a behavior modification technique for people who don't have the habit of saving money. The idea is to save $1 the first week of January. The next week, you save $2, and increase the amount by one dollar each week, until you reach $52 at the end of the year. After completing this, you will have over $1300 saved. You get used to saving little by little. I never save money - I either spend all my money or send it all to creditors, and that's why I have debts (apart from being a shopaholic), because I have to borrow when things come up. 

On YouTube I found a channel called NaturalFitNurse with a good video on the challenge (52 week $$$ Challenge; December 11, 2019). The lady on this channel just completed the challenge and counts out the pile of cash saved, and shows a little calendar book where she marked off the amount saved each week - it is very satisfying to see! It made me want to start this challenge really badly. There are many people in the comments section who are excited about it too! 

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New Years Resolutions are changing for the better! I paid off my last small credit card today, so I won't have to worry about it in the New Year! I also got a lot of wonderful new mini beauty products for Christmas! Now I can rethink my plan. The next item on my debt snowball is a debt just under $1000. I want to pay it off by the end of the year, and I may be using up a lot of lovely Christmas gifts in the New Year! 

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I've vacuumed and finished my thank you notes for my Christmas presents. I found some inspiring new No Buy videos on YouTube, and some new channels to subscribe to, and I decided to share. 

  • Phoebe Moon - "Starting My No Buy Year 2020 / Facing My Biggest Addiction" - Dec 28, 2019 - This young lady is a college student from the UK. I love that she is working on avoiding credit card debt. She has wonderful ambitious plans and goals! She paid off all her debt to prepare for her No Buy, which I really admire! 
  • Ouga - "December Empties / Before 1-year no buy" - Dec 28, 2019 - She seems to be using a lot of minis up, like I like to do. 
  • Elle S - "5 No Buy Challenges! / My No Buy Year x2" - Dec 21, 2019 - I agree with her tips, such as watching Netflix to take one's mind off of shopping when starting a No Buy. A super creative person! 
  • iseedee - "Christmas Countdown 2019 - Plan With Me #bulletjournal" - Dec 17, 2019 - She does all her own artwork to decorate her journal and has habit trackers. It is really beautiful.
  • Bold Budgeting - I love anything from this channel! This newlywed from New York is paying off many debts. She had an amazing video recently on how to budget for Thanksgiving dinner. I LOVE channels where people write down their debt snowballs and budgets, and this is my favorite one.  It's so inspiring! 

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    • Today is the test - will I pass or fail?  Two years ago at this time (end of January 2018, on a Sunday), I discovered Hannah Louise Poston videos for the first time. She had just begun her channel. I recalled cleaning my room while watching the videos and feeling very inspired about my No Buy. I was inspired for an entire year, until ... One year ago at this time (end of January 2019, on a Sunday), I was feeling down. The weather was very bad. There was no good food in the house. I started watching haul type videos. I decided to buy something I didn't need. I felt HORRIBLE and just went on a binge. I tried to hard to get back on the path, but couldn't. I didn't get back on the path until June, when I came back with renewed vigor and had huge success for the rest of the year.  I have been thinking, why don't I just let go again, today? After all, last year I let go and did not ruin myself that much, and then by summer, like a miracle, I was back on No Buy and finished all my goals for the year and more. So I'm using that as justification for cheating. I do have shopping cravings right now. Still, I have not used half of the nice things I got on my binge last year. What will I do? Will I relive 2018 or 2019? 
    • Something amazing for No Buy - Project Pan - Project Use It Up followers - I was reading the comments section of a Hannah Louise Poston video (Lots of Empties, published 1/21/2020) and I heard about a beauty shop called Credo that has a special recycling bin for cosmetics. Apparently if you bring your empties in for them to recycle, they give you rewards points for new things. And you can bring in any empties, not just things from their shop, although they don't take nail polish, nail polish remover, or perfume. Wow, I love that. What an inspiration for us to stay with our projects. There is no Credo store near me though. They are only in the major US cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc., but maybe they will expand. Maybe they will find a way to let us mail in our empties? Or maybe I will take a trip someday, if I am good on my No Buy for a long time ... I could get my eyebrows done at their store too. Who knows. They do have an online shop also and they give three samples with orders. They have beautiful things. I think I will sign up with their site and start saving my empties up (instead of putting them in my neighborhood recycling); this may a coming trend! It's inspiring.  I always read the comments sections of No Buy videos on YouTube. I always find great tips and inspiration.
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