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Styling tips for men with gray hair

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Men with gray hair are often flattered for their distinguished looks. Timothy Olyphant, John Slattery and other stars demonstrate the attractive face of gray hair. We hope they help you discover the cut that will best suit your gray hair.
Take a look at these three guys in the photo above. The photo on the right shows Adam Lambert (born 1982), who is the youngest of the three. He probably doesn't want to praise senior citizens, but instead prefers to wear his voluminous gray hair to stand out from the crowd. Some young stars like Adam Lambert and Kelly Osbourne love to wear gray hair and enjoy playing with cliches. Of course, such characteristic appearances draw the attention of young Hollywood-obsessed youth. The white hair mixed with natural colors in the heads of young stars attracts more sure looks that lilacs, pinks or greens and go unnoticed.
In the photo Timothy Olyphant (born 1968) appears in the center, as does his hairstyle. His “salt and pepper” hair near his temples and on his beard makes him look naturally distinguished and adds the appeal of the hair growth products for african american hair mature man who knows who he is and what he wants. Why change something that works so well?

This can also be applied to John Slattery (born 1962), on the left of the photo. Almost all of John Slattery's hair lacks pigment and is therefore close to the transition from silver to white. His modern hairstyle and carefree demeanor show a person who knows how to step forward without getting nervous. No wonder it arouses as much admiration as desire. 
Best hairstyles for men with gray hair
Whatever the way that stars and celebrities wear or (pretend to) assume their gray hair, since they discover their first gray hair, most men (or women) have only one emotional response: “Oh no! Get rid of them! ” After the first shock of noticing that time passes while we don't realize it, most men at least cut their hair or shave off their beard that is starting to turn gray. This reaction is very constructive. In the photo, Matt Damon demonstrates how interesting haircuts are for men with gray hair. This is also the most popular hairstyle of all time for men with gray hair. George Clooney teaches us how to wear gray hair with style and class.    

It can take a while for people to get used to the idea of having gray hair. It is best to have a strategy when the first isolated gray hairs cannot be hidden or plucked for much longer. Why not let gray hair mix freely with the rest of your mane? Adam Lambert, Timothy Olyphant and John Slattery (see photo above) demonstrate how to do it with class. Jeff Bridges, with his shoulder length gray hair and thick beard, is the image of a nature lover, like his younger colleagues, Charlie Hunnam and Jake Gyllenhaal.


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