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Mineral Makeup Collection Swatches

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Originally Posted by sunny101 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
So would you say that you use Light or Medium? Should non-tanned Asians use light or medium is my question.


periwinkle_sky, would you go with a light or medium foundation?

Sorry I just read this now! I'm Light in BE, but I'd say it has a lot of yellow-undertones. I'd say go for warm (lots of yellow undertones) but light foundations.


I think if you're getting a shade, choose one with a yellow base. I don't know how light you are so I guess it would depend on that. Sorry I'm not much help.

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i'm new to this forum- so far, i loved reading all the comments on mmu!

i'm asian, and a medium-light tan coloring.

I got the EDM sampler set, in light and medium beige- light doesnt do anything for me. but the medium beige gives me a very nice glow.

i've recently bought mineral powder samples from MADminerals.org and palladio. This is all trial and error for me!

Has anyone tried Pur minerals?

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these are pretty...i soooo wanna try MMU but i just don't know which one to start with..EDM seems to be the best so far though

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Oooh, those are pretty!


Here are the swatches from my Sweetscents xmas present:


Posted Image



-Confederate Blue

-Orchids & Diamonds

-Medium Yellow Shimmer

-Deceitful Shimmer

-Rubies & Diamonds

-Amethyst Pearl

-Peach Pearl Shimmer

-Cloud Blue Shimmer

-Interference Red

-Egyptian Dark Green



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Hi everyone, i wanna try as many mineral eyeshadows as i can and i thought i would share them. Watch and compare


first up is Voila Bare minerals


$2.25 for a Full size eBay Store - VOILA BARE MINERALS: eye shadows, eye shadow sets and kits, bulk ounce foundations

Posted Image


Posted Image

From top to bottom:

-Blackened Gold

-18k Gold

-Beached bronzed


Posted Image

Posted Image

from top to bottom:





Posted Image

Posted Image

From top to bottom:

-Waterfall blue


-Emerald sparkle

-Blue Violet


Taylor made Minerals



$0.75 1/8 sample in a baggy

$1.00 1/8 sample in a jar

$3.00 Full size


Posted Image

Posted Image

from top to bottom:




-Brown Sugar



Posted Image

Posted Image


-Fiji Beach













-High Lite












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I have loads of Voila minerals! I think they're pretty good and they're so cheap (doubly so with the current exchange rate!!). I'm glad someone else likes them.

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Thanks for sharing. The prices are great. I just bought some Micabella mineral shadows. I was impressed because you can use them for shadow, eye liner (by adding a little water) and lip gloss (by adding vaseline). They normally sell for $15 but the place at the mall sold them for $5.

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