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Next MAC collections?

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I posted this thread a while back.


Information on MAC Couture (November 2006)


Jewelescent will be coming out in November too.


Lipgele $14US/$16.50CDN

Gilded Kiss - Brown amber w/ silver sparkles

Amber Russe - Soft muted plum brown w/silver sparkles

Gemshine - Bronzy peach w/ silver sparkles

Moonstone - Silver pink w/ sparkles


Fluidline $14.50US/$17.50CDN

Jadeye - Blue/green w/gold pigment

Graphic Brown - Darkened brown

Frostlite - Warm white w/gold pigment


Glitter Eye Liner $16.50US/$20.00CDN

Glamourgold (Asia Only) - Bright gold w/glitter

Peacocky - Blue/green teal glitter

Oxidate - Oxidate - Dark brown w/ rainbow glitter

Divine Lime - Yellow-green peridot glitter

Spunsilver - Silver/white w/ crystalline glitter


Pigment $19.50US/$23.50CDN

Copperclast - Coppery brown w/ silver pearlized pigments

Dark Soul - Charcoal black smoked with gold


Glitter $15US/$18.50CDN

Jewelmarine - Rich emerald green w/aqua & royal blue reflects


All Over Gloss $15US/$18.50CDN

Astonish - Shimmering pearl w/pink & gold/green reflects


Zoom Lash $11US/$13CDN

Mythic Blue - Deep Turquoise


Creations Hue:Emeraldaire $22.50US/$28.50CDN

Creations Hue: Tarnished Love




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There's also like 2-3 other collections between here and December 26th. Found this lurking on Specktra... No prices or pics though...

Had a bit of a squiz through the update book and noticed a few extra collections being released after Christmas.


- 'Corps de Couleur' quad being released on December 26th


- A new collection of Chromeglasses and Creamstick Pearl Liners called 'Chrome & Cream' being released on Jan 11th


- Some time in January along with the new skin care will be a new collection of fragrances under the name of 'Charged Waters'. (The visual is soooo pretty for this!)


- Skin care range is going to have a new foaming cleanser called 'Creamy Foaming Cleanser'. I'm especially looking forward to this one as I found the Green Gel Cleanser a bit too drying on my skin. There will also be a new oil based dual phase eye make-up remover along with some make-up removing Q-Tips which you snap one end and the liquid fills the other end of the tip, the Q-Tips will only be available at freestanding stores. (Packaging is sooooooooo much classier than the old stuff!)

Here we go:


PRET A PORTER (November 9)


Pret a Porter Brush Collection features a brush roll with 8 FULL SIZE BRUSHES!!!! The 316, 266, 219, 224, 213, 129, 187, and 190!!!!!!! Will retail for USD$217!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!


DANSE (December 26)




Pas-de-deux - Soft aluminum silver with pink pearl

En Pointe - Pastel pink with white pearl

Standing Ovation - Bright pink with white pearl

Corps-de-ballet - Soft plum with silver pearl




Curtsy - Rich pink coral with gold pearl (Lustre)

Danse - Rose pink with silver pearl (Frost)

Classical - Creamy pinky coral with gold pearl (Lustre)

Russe - Cool neutral with white pearl (Lustre)


Eye Shadows


Rondelle - Light silver with white pearl (frost)

Rite of Spring - Antiqued white with pink pearl (vlx prl)

Swan Lake - Blue grey with silver pearl (frost)

French Grey - Taupe with silver pearl (satin)

Scene 1 - Bubble gum pink with silver sparkle (vlvt)

Jete - Sandy coral (vlx prl)




Aire-de-blu - Sky blue with silver sparkle

Pastorale - Khaki green with gold pearl


Mineralize Skinfinish


Lightscapade - soft yellow, pastel pink, muted orange, and soft blue veined together

Glissade - Golden peach with muted metallic plum veining


Nail Polish -


Sacred White - Metallic Cream with white pearl


EVERYTHING IS LIMITED...I do believe it's also being launched with the usual mascara, liners, and maybe a brush or 2.


CORPS DE COULEUR (december 26th select locations)


Corps de Couleur Quad -

Terre a Terre (lstre)

Footwork (vlx prl)


Leap (frost)



THEIR DISCONTINUING STUFF TOO!!!! Theey are discotinuing the scrub mask, the day light spf 15, moisture feed eye and everyday lotion cleanser...


They are also launching a new foaming cleanser, a new eye/lip makeup remover, a new studio fix moisturizer with spf 15, and also some make up remover q tips!!! Everything else stays, but I think the prices go up on most of the products, and the sizes go down a bit, from what my MA told me!!!

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Originally Posted by Vicky.K /img/forum/go_quote.gif
which mac colors do you think are really great?? especially on light brown eyes....
hey there vicky i think alot of diffrent colors could look good on light brown eyes to get some info on the best colors and textures you could look under the reviews for mac in the review section and in there alot of times they will tell you what's good to pair it with like the wash highlighter and crease colors and maybe try some pigments for eyeshawdows

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Okay, I can't remember if there's a thread dedicated to the Jewelescent Collection or not. Anywho! If so, I sorry! It comes out Wednesday, so be ready! I just called my MAC about something else, and she said the Copperclast pigment is almost a repromote of Copper Sparkle, except instead of gold sparkles, it has silver sparkles. I dunno... If that's the case, then I'm coolio with only wanting one Fluidline Posted Image

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