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I'm very dissapointed w/ Victoria's Secret credit card customer service...please read

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I just want to add my share about my terrible experience with Victoria Secret card, I'm glad I looked up with matter on the internet and has found many people to have the same problem like me, because their customer service employee from Victoria Secret Credit Card and from Comenity Bank tried to make it seems ridiculous on my part that they never see this happen before. LIE! In fact my experience DOES happen to a lot of people, including my mom.


So I signed up for VS Angel Card for 6 months already, and made purchases with it, but I also return some of my items of the purchases. For the 6 months period, I DID NOT receive any bill or account statement whatsoever! Not even one! Just the card the the offer book in the mail once, and that's all. So I was concerned and called them to ask about it. They said since I return the merchandise, it is automatically counted as a payment, that's why I do not need to worry about paying that month statement. The next month comes, still NO bill, I called, same answer. And I also make it clear to them that MAKE SURE to send me the bill. Because I do not want the same thing that happen to my mom to happen to me, which she signed up for a VS card 2 years ago and NEVER receive the card or the bill, but she forgot that she opened once since she didn't want to at the moment but the sale associate was very pushy. And her BANK account got closed because all of the late fees build up, which she wasn't aware of because they NEVER send anything to her.  (Now, after everything happened I also find it was weird even though there is no payment dues, aren't they still required to send me my account statement???)

I know it's long and complicated, but bare with me. So after getting the same answer every time I called in trying to find out why I wasn't billed, I stopped calling, because I told them to make sure to send me the bill, and they reassure me that it is in their system, blahblahblah.... A few days ago I got a call from Comenity Bank, harassing me to pay my bill because it was past due 3 months. I told the guy from Comenity my situation and that they are the one who is responsible for not sending me mail which was required by law. He was very aggressive keep insisting that they do everything right on their part, and that he never heard of anyone having this situation, and that there is nothing I can do except for paying to balance with late fee and interest charges, because according to him, "things happen."



Why would I pay for all of that charges when it wasn't my fault! It's their responsibility to send the bill which is required by law. He keeps saying that it shows on the system that the statement is sent out monthly blahblhablha, easy for you to say anything, how can I see the proof then? Anyway, I got fed up talking to him because it wasn't going anywhere.

So I look up online to see if this happens to other people, and yup, it does happen to a lot of people actually!

So I called VS directly, told them my story, again, the girl changed her tone instantly when I bring up this matter. Got all aggressive and rude, insisting she works there for 8 years and never heard of this situation, I insist saying I DIDN'T do anything wrong therefore those charges were unfair and also told her that this does happen to a lot of people from their experiences on the internet. She paused for a moment, didn't know how to reply to that, put me on hold to talk to her supervisor, and came back to tell me that all my charges has been dropped, and that my statement is going out today. SO PLEASE, IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU, STAND ON YOUR GROUND AND DO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE, THE MORE OF STORIES LIKE THIS, THE HARDER FOR THEM TO DENY THEIR UNETHICAL AND COMMITTING FRAUD BUSINESS PRACTICE! Just because they are a big company doesn't mean they can bully consumers like this! Stand up for yourself!


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