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Stretchmarks HELP!

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On 7/3/2019 at 4:48 PM, LadyEvergreen said:

I used Jean Wu's method @ 10 years ago and it worked for me. I had stretch marks on my upper front thighs from weight loss. They were quite deep.  Jean mentions that some people might experience stretch marks looking worse at first and this is exactly what happened to me. It took about 2 months for mine to be completely gone. They have never returned and there are no visible signs that they were ever there, not even in direct sunlight when I am in a bathing suit. Much like with laser therapy  results of course may vary from person to person. I would like to add that maybe it worked for me so well because of my optimal diet which was no sugar and lots of fresh raw foods. Sugar is terrible for collagen/skin elasticity as well as capillary health so eliminate it or at least cut down on it.

Why are you replying to a post that's 7yrs old? ^^^


Anyway. since you have dragged this up, everyone knows the best thing for getting rid of Stretch Marks is Bio-Oil or Decleor Cica Balm but once again it all depends on what your budget is. If you can afford both of them you should definitely use them in conjunction with each other, and if you are on a budget the Bio Oil would be your best bet.


Personally I think everyone looks beautiful with Stretch Marks, but I know some people don't feel the same as me and I guess that's why you are asking in the first place 😂

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sorry there is no magical cue for strech marks, i was using bio oil and shea butter all over me from the day i found out i was pregnant and i still got them (on my belly, hips, inner thighs and even my butt!) i already had some from my have a peek at these guys rather abrupt puberty but they they were so small you could hardly notice, but darn these new ones are massive!

Anyway its been almost 7months since i had my daughter and they have faded significantly, i swear these thing glow in the dark though!


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You can try to use shea or coconut body butter. It's not going to be perfectly removed or instantaneous, but it will help lighten those scars. Stretch marks don't really go away. Once they're there, they're bound to stay for life (unless you do some surgery, but it still won't be back to what it was), but hey, it's natural for people to have stretch marks. I stopped caring about it after some time, but I still do minimal stuff like lotions and butters to try and minimize the look. (Because there are just days when you don't want it on you, you know?)

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