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FOTD - June 6th, 2008

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Well I guess I will start off todays!

I dunno if I am sposed to or not but I noticed there wasnt one for today.


I got a lot of compliments on this today and I wish my digi cam was working so I could take better pics bc I dont think my camera phone really gets the effect of it. For one I used green, pink & purple with a slight touch of a pinkish gold (you those that dont know the color names) anyways here they are!










K SO! heres the info!

  • UDPP (man I gotta cut it open already!)
  • UD Graffiti - inner 3rd of eyelid (and lower lash line same area)
  • UD Fishnet - middle 3rd (and remaining lower lash line and waterline)
  • UD Ransom/TINY BIT of Zero - outer 3rd
  • UD Blended
  • Then I took this softer purple I have (Milani 07 wild violets top right color) and put it in the crease and a little above the crease and blended it.
  • Then UD's Scratch color lightly on top of it and on the outter edge of the upper lid so it wasnt too stark.
  • Revlon ColorStay liquid liner in black
  • MAC X mascara (I think thats the name of it) in black
  • Upper inner lid lined with CoverGirl Perfect blend pencil eyeliner
In the 3rd pic it looks like I missed like a square LOL thats my camera phone picking up glare, I had a lot of photos that did that but that one came out best for that angle to show up close color. It also looks throughout that the pink is actually a purple or blue hue frown.gif darn camera phone!!!


Sorry for the poor quality I wish my digi cam was working!!!!


It was fun to play with!

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I tried LOL Its not anything a real makeup artist could do but its fun to try haha

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Awww thanks!


Haha yeah I used the deluxe palette lol

my mom and I were at Ulta (LOVE ULTA!!!) and I was showing her the awesome colors that Trixie used for her rainbow look and my mom was like "I get it for you" (you gotta hear her say it LOL its so cute LOL) "No mom its way too much" "Noooo I geet it fer you!"


Im glad she did bc it came with a sample of the primer - which I had heard rants and raves over but never tried and I didnt want the full size bottle just to try it.


But its awesome to play with the colors!



Come on girls post up what you wore yesterday!

I know im not the ONLY ONE who wore makeup yesterday!!!

Anyone else get pics?

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