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Christmas shopping

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Are you a late shopper or are you well prepared and get all your shopping done before the Holidays? Are you a bargain shopper? If you are what are you favorite places to bargain shop?

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In general, I don't enjoy shopping nearly as much as I used to "back in the day"...so I don't like putting off my Christmas shopping too long and have to end up spending the entire weekend before Christmas trying to get it all done. I actually try to keep my eyes open throughout the year, and if I see something that I think would be perfect for a particular person, I get it then, if I can. For the rest of my holiday shopping, I usually start getting serious about it in September/October, and I try to get 90% of it done by Thanksgiving. I like doing it this way because 1) I can spread the cost of shopping throughout the year or over a few months, and 2) I find I enjoy the holidays much more when I'm not stressing about getting my shopping done! (Besides, if I see something I 'must have' for myself, I won't feel too guilty about buying it, since I know I don't need to save the money for gifts!)

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I am an online shopper- my faves in particular are Red Envelope, Ebay and Amazon.com. I cant stand the good old fashioned way anymore- so thats makes me either practical and efficient or lazy and and a Susie Shortcut Posted Image

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