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Star Struck! ( A Sorta Long Read)

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m_bb05009091f550247f7c326b35a95e3a.jpgOkay, so you all may have or may have not heard of this celeb makeup artist by the name of Marcus Geeter. Well, I was reading a hair mag one night and saw where he did a featured article. So I decided to look him up on the internet. What I found was his bio and website and a direct email address and build up the guts to email him. I really didn't expect to hear back from him because you know how some famed people are. Anyways, what I got was a response the very next day in my inbox!


**Keep reading for the emails we shared**



Excerpt from my email:

Hello Marcus,


My name is Michelle and I live in Southern Alabama. There are not alot of opportunities in my city to "break into" the beauty business.... I had the privilege of seeing some of your work and I'm always inspired by Black artists like yourself and wanted to ask you as an aspiring artist, what are some ways to establish yourself in such a vast industry like the beauty business?


Thanks so much in advance!


His response:




Thanks for your nice email.


Because you do not live in a major market, you may want to think of relocating or brand yourself as the go to person in your community, which is probably the wiser move do the economy.


Many blessing to you.






I soon realised that this guy is truly inspirational and so genuine. On top of that, I am following him on Twitter and this morning I go to my twitter page and find that he's following me back! How cool is that?


Anyways, I thought that I would share with you all because I couldn't keep in it! smile.gif




Check him out here!:

Marcus Geeter's Biography

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That's really awesome! It's so refreshing to see famous people take the time out of their busy lives to interact with fans and send something back other than a standard form or pre-written reply.

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Ha ha, somebody else picked up on it.


Anyhow, I think it's awesome that he responded to you. It's very rare to find someone in his position who's not caught up in their own shine. And I like his advice too - very well thought and useful.

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That is so cool! It shows he has a genuine character and actually cares about his followers. I know they get a lot of junk mail from fans trying to get a response, but to actually see one of them reply when they realize someone is being serious and looking for advice based on their own success and experience is awesome. It shows they care about their fans.

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