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Reasons why people wear sunglasses – Replica or Authentic?

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Reasons why people wear sunglasses – Replica or Authentic?

Today every second person wear sunglasses and each have their own reason / purpose behind it. This article mentions and briefly describes the top ten (10) reasons people give for wearing sunglasses. The article also weighs each reason against replica sunglasses Vs authentic designer sunglasses. Please feel free to comment and provide your own unique reason for wearing sunglasses or glasses in general.

Reason #1: Looks – Have you ever heard people say that you have a photogenic face because no matter how bad is the camera your pictures always come out perfect. Similarly some people have “sunglassogenic†face. The sunglasses add to the beauty of such faces. The sunglasses simply fill the missing element of their face and enhance their looks. For others who don’t have so called “sunglassogenic†face, they still can find a few particular shape sunglasses that best fit their face. It is just that not all types of sunglasses will suite on their face. There are different shapes of sunglasses that you can try based on whether you have a square face, round face, triangular face, narrow face, oblong face, etc.

Both, replica and authentic designer sunglasses are the winners in this category as they look alike and equally enhance a person’s beauty.

Reason#2: Protection – Protection is the underlying reason behind the origin of sunglasses. Sunglasses were first created with the core intention to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays and dust particles. Today almost every sunglass has UV protection and some even comes with polarized lens. This is a very compelling reason why people wear sunglasses when involved in outdoor sports such as golf, fishing, etc.

As mentioned, almost all sunglasses have UV protections including replica sunglasses and authentic designer sunglasses. So, both are the winner in this category too.

Reason#3: Status – The designer sunglasses that cost hundreds of dollar carries a status symbol with them and some people wear them for the same reason. There are societies where people are judged not based on what they are but based on what they wear.

The authentic designer sunglass is the clear winner in this category.

Reason#4: Fashion Personality - . People sometimes spend tons of dollars on designer sunglasses to just connect with their favorite personality (JLo, Angelina Jolie, Sienna Millers, Anna Kournikova, HalleBerry, and the other priestess of high fashion) and satisfy their urge to look like them.

The replica sunglasses look same as the designer version but since these people want the exact same sunglass as their personality is wearing, the authentic designer sunglasses are the winner in this category too.

Reason#5: Attraction – Some people wear sunglasses to just be the center of attraction in the parties. There are different types of sunglasses including some with so much bling that it is extremely difficult to ignore them.

Both replica and authentic sunglasses come with rhinestones and other attractive features, and hence both are winners in this category.

Reason#6: Change – Some people simply are bored with the same looks and hence they are not afraid to try something new that can give their face the much needed change they are looking for. These category people easily get bored with status quo and hence would be looking for new pair soon.

The replica sunglass is clear winner in this category due to the low cost.

Reason#7: Accessory – Some people wear sunglasses as simple matching accessories to enhance the beauty of their dress. These people need a ton of sunglasses with different colors to go with their wardrobe.

The replica sunglasses win this category too as they can come handy for such people to match their dresses with cheap but chic sunglasses.

Reason#8: Hide Features – There are few people who unfortunately have a scar or something else that they want to hide behind the sunglasses. These people need something that would last for long and have dark lens.

It is difficult to determine the winner but I would say the designer sunglasses might better fulfill such people needs due to their higher quality and longer lasting features.

Reason#9: Medical Condition – Some wear sunglasses for visual impairment. These mostly carry lens that are prescribed by doctor and hence need reliability in their frame to last long.

The designer sunglasses are winner as they fulfill their need for reliability and at the same time enhance their looks.

Reason#10: Obsession – This class of people are considered weird by many as they are obsessed with sunglasses and would wear them most of the time including indoors.

If the person is obsessed with one particular pair then the original designer version would be better as it can handle that extreme wear. But if the person likes to wear different pairs then replica sunglasses are the best match.

Replica sunglasses won two categories, designer sunglasses won 4 categories and there are draws for 4 categories. The overall winner is the designer sunglasses. I recommend buying designer sunglasses only from authentic authorized online dealers. In case you decide to buy replica sunglasses, try our collection.

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