Find Your Face Shape

You probably know your figure shape, your eye color, and even your skin type. But have you ever thought about your face shape and what it means for your beauty and fashion routines? Knowing your face shape can help you figure out what kind of hats to buy, how to contour your face, and especially what hair styles will best flatter your face.


Use this guide and the accompanying pictures to find which type best represents your face. Then, get a few tips for your next hair style appointment.




Round faces are usually about as long as they are wide, so measure both ways to see if they’re about the same. Round faces also tend to have fuller cheeks. Celebrities with round faces include Kirsten Dunst, Mindy Kaling, and Kelly Osbourne.


When considering new hair styles, go for a cut that’s at least longer than the chin – any shorter, and it’ll make your face look even rounder. Additionally, try to avoid going pin-straight with your styles. The lack fo volume will make your hair look even flatter than normal and your face even fuller.




Lucky you! If the length of your face is about one and half times the width, you have an oval face shape. Having an oval face shape is considered “ideal,” as it represents goo proportions. However, just like other face shapes, there are specific things you need to avoid. Celebrities with oval faces include Diana Agron, Kristen Stewart, and Emma Watson.


It’s said the oval face shapes can get away with almost anything, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Pixie cuts, in particular, work well on oval faces, as it can show of your great facial features. If you’re too afraid to take the plunge, try something else radical, like a blunt, angled bob.




Just like it’s geometric name sake, this face type is wider at the top – i.e. at the forehead – and narrower at the bottom. Often, heart faces have more pronounced foreheads and pointier chins.They also usually have well-structured cheek bones. Celebrities with heart shaped faces include Reese Witherspoon, Miley Cyrus, and Lucy Hale.


Bangs are usually a good option for this facial type, as they make the forehead seem smaller. Try adding side swept bangs to your favorite look. If you’re looking for a new cut, try soft but long layers – they’ll frame the face nicely. If you want a shorter look, try hitting right at the jaw – this will help add fullness to the chin area.




Square face shapes have about equally broad foreheads, jawlines, and cheeks. They can be longer like a rectangle or shorter like an actual square. Celebrities with square faces include Heidi Klum, Lea Michelle, and Angelina Jolie.


Look for hair styles that will help slim down the face and distract from the awkward angles. If you want a simple fix, try switching up your part to slightly off center. If you’re going to the saloon, try a longer hair style that will draw attention down (instead of to your jawline!) Also, try textured styles, like curls, to draw the eye.



What face shape do you have? How do you make it work? Share your thoughts in the comments, and of course, don’t forget to follow MakeupTalk on facebook and twitter for inspiration or find out about the newest products.