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Find Your Makeup Brush Cleaner Match

Let’s all be honest: how many of us clean our makeup tools as often as we should? How many of us clean them at all? It’s easy to skimp as long as our brushes dont smell funky, but makeup brushes and sponges should be cleaned at least once a week to keep harmful bacteria from growing. Plus, dutiful cleaning will help brushes last their full lifetime.

Luckily, most cosmetics brands offer various options when it comes to brush cleansers. Whether you’re looking for something scented or all natural, theres a product for you. Your makeup tools (and your face!) will thank you.


For those with sensitive noses”¦

If perfumes give you headaches and you can’t stand scents in your beauty routine, BH Cosmetic’s Makeup Brush Cleanser will delight with its odorless formula. The spray top bottle makes it easy to know just how much product to use ““ three squirts is all you need to remove any old makeup residue from you favorite brush. Youâ’ never waste valuable cleaner again!


For those who like to multitask”¦

The rise in reusable makeup sponges means a growing need for cleansers that will disinfect all your tools. Luckily, beautyblender’s blendercleanser safely cleans sponges and brushes. This lilac-scented cleaner suds up tools without removing color. If youâ’e still looking for even more from you brush cleanser, the soy-based formula acts like a natural moisturizer. Talk about a win-win!


For those who want to help the environment”¦

If youâ’e trying shop only organic, youâ’ love Afterglow Cosmetic’s Organic Infused Lavender Brush Cleanser. Not only is it infused with soothing lavender and other organic, natural ingredients, but it’s also free of parabens, gluten, and other questionable chemicals. It should be no surprise that it’s also hypo-allergenic and perfect for those with sensitive skin. Plus, the brand is cruelty-free. No need to feel guilty with this product!


For those on a budget”¦

Who doesn’t love a great deal? Just like all their other products, e.l.f’s Studio Daily Brush Cleaner delivers all the value at a fraction of the price. For just 3 dollars, e.l.f’s cleanser promises to disinfect brushes, leaving them fresh and clean. The packaging is designed to be spill-free and travel friendly. Take this cleanser on all your trips for cleaning on the go!


With so many options on the market, it’s not hard to find makeup tool cleanser that will meet your exact needs. What cleaner would you recommend? If youâ’e interested in finding out what other MUT members think, check out this thread, or find out what brush brands other members recommend.