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Good Skincare Habits Part 2

As promised, here is my part two to “Good Skincare Habits” I want to address things and remind you about things you may have heard of, but do not take the time to practice.  I am going to tell you why these tips are important in the hope that you will start or continue to do them yourselves.


Drink eight cups of water daily. I know this is the oldest rule in the book, but that does not mean it’s followed by people. With all the new alternatives to soda, it is easy to say you drink 8 cups of water when really you just replaced water with bottles of vitamin water. Trust me; nothing is the like good old water.  Water cleanses your body of all its internal impurities and keeps you hydrated.  This really shows in your skin and you will have less flakiness, dryness, and result in more radiant skin.




Moisturize! This is the easiest step to skip when you are rushing in the morning, but it is very important. I have heard that moisturizing within three minutes after you cleanse produces the greatest results. When you moisturize, it locks the moisture in your skin and helps protects your skin for the duration of the day.



Do not bust your white heads and black heads.  Having acne myself, I know how hard it is to resist killing those nasty whiteheads; but do’t, you will regret it. When you pressure your pimples to squeeze the pus out, you not only damage your first layer of skin, but the second as well. When the second layer of skin is damaged, long-lasting scars form and give you blemishes. Then, when you touch your face with your hands, you are only inviting more bacteria to you face. The best bet against acne is prevention. If you prevent the acne, you wo’t get as many pimples in the first place. However, sometimes a few slip by, so that is when you use an extractor. An extractor is a tool dermatologists use to get rid of those black and white heads without giving you blemishes. MuT member have been talking about extractor and blocking blackheads, so look at the links for more info.



Be Happy! Worry, anxiety, and anger are awful emotions that are as bad for your health as it is for your skin. Worrying and frowning can give you an early start to wrinkles. If anxiety is bad enough, it can give you an unwanted breakout. Try to be happy and do not make mountains out of molehills. If you ca’t be happy, smile! Studies have shown that your facial expressions can affect your mood. If you smile or laugh long enough, chances are you will begin to feel happy!



So those are my tips for part 2 of my “Good Skincare Habits” . I hope this was useful for somebody. If you want more tips to beautiful skin, MuT members made a thread dedicated to it. As September is closing, get ready for October which will be full of costume ideas, makeup tutorials, and awesome articles posted by yours truly. See you in October!