Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong? 3 Ways to Avoid Burning Your Hair Off

How many times have you used a curl wand or other heating tool without really thinking? What would you do if it burned your hair clean off? For one YouTube beauty vlogger, that’s just what happened. If you haven’t seen the video floating around this week, vlogger Tori was using a curling wand for a tutorial when her hair burned off. Give the girl props – she stay relatively calm about the whole thing!


No one is sure what exactly what wrong, but there are three things you could do differently to better avoid a hair catastrophe! Check out the original video below, then read on to get some heating tool tips. Plus, let us know what your reactions were in the comments! Has this every happened to you? What would you have done? 






1. Make sure hair is completely dry.

Hopefully you know that you should never use heating like curling irons on wet hair unless the instructions specifically say it’s okay, but have you considered styling sprays and products? If you use a heat protectant spray, make sure it’s dried completely! The chemicals may react negatively to the heat, especially if there’s a higher percentage of alcohol in it! You never know the effect it could have on your hair – maybe that’s why poor Tori’s hair burnt off. 



2. Hold hair in place for 10 seconds at most.

Although you make feel like holding your curls on the iron longer will make the style last longer, but this can be very damaging for your hair! Is the short-term pay-off really worth the long-term problems? Didn’t think so. If you’re using a heat tool that requires prolonged contact, only hold your strands in place for 10 seconds at most. 



3. Know what temperature works best for your hair.

Another issue that could have contributed to the burnt hair in the video above: the curling iron could have been much too hot! Make sure you through read the instructions for your heating tools before use; they’ll usually give you different heat or setting ranges based on your hair texture and length. Most experts agree, though – never go above 400 degrees Fahrenheit! 



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Written by Courtney Brown

MakeupTalk Blogger