How to Apply False Eyelashes

False lashes come in so many shapes, sizes, and even colors. You can get them with sparkles on the lashes or with crazy wings. Falsies can really glam up an everyday look, but they’re not always the easiest thing to apply! Although there are many great written tutorials out there, nothing beats a video. Why read about how to apply false lashes when you can watch someone do it? Use this helpful video for some awesome tips.



Step by Step Instructions:

  • Properly remove false eyelashes from their case, pulling carefully not to lose any of the lashes.  Pay careful attention to the adhesive
  • Make sure the eyelash isn’t too long for your eye. Make sure it fits your eye. Place the false eyelash exactly where you want it to be, hold it in place. If it’s too long it may uncomfortable
  • If too long, trim as needed, one lash at a time with scissors
  • Identify the left and right eyelash, only taking one eyelash out of the container at a time


Add Glue:

  • Hold the lash in one hand and the glue in the other
  • Apply glue very delicately but precisely just on the lash line itself, always starting at one end working across to the other end of your lash line
  • Wait 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky
  • Line it up with your eyelid
  • Place the far end of the lash right where your own eyelashes end. Use adhesive tube crimped end to hold lash against lid


Fake  Eyelashes are disposable, wear the once and throw them away.


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