How To Apply Mascara and Powder – The Right Way

Most of us learned to apply makeup on our own, or learned from someone else who likely earned on their own.700 While

many amazing little tricks have come out of that along the way, there are some things we don’t quite get and things that seem obvious, but actually aren’t. Did you know that the powder brush was not actually intended to be used to apply powder with, but it became an accepted use for it later? Here’s some tips to make the most out of what you have and do it better than you did it before.


Powder is a big one. If you’ve noticed, blush and bronzer compacts tend to come with a small brush of some sort, where face powder compacts always come with a puff or a pad. This is because the intended method of application for powder is with a puff. When you apply powder with a brush, you’re leaving an uneven layer of dust right on the surface of your skin, which isn’t setting your foundation as much as you might think. Load the puff up with powder, press it onto your face, and gently roll your wrist, in a stamping motion. This applies the powder directly into the foundation to ensure that it sets. Then, take the powder brush dry and dust over your skin to get rid of the excess. This gives a much smoother and more even finish and noticeably will prolong the wear of your foundation and control excess oil or sweat, should that be an issue for you.


Do you roll your mascara wand over your lashes? This probably isn’t the best way to go, either. When you do this, your eyelashes are collecting the excess product that’s built up under the bristles, giving you thick, spidery lashes and clumps. Instead, crank the wand like a lever. When you’re applying mascara, lift and tilt the wand towards the outer corner of the eye to flare out and maximize your lashes. You’ll get less clumps, better lashes, and you’ll use less mascara


What are some things you’ve relearned?

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By Airi Magdalene
Real Life Makeup Artist and MakeupTalk Blogger