How to Apply Sunless Tanner to Your Legs

If you’ve been keeping up with MuT’s video tutorials, then you’ve probably already seen the how-to on applying sunless tanner to your face. But the face isn’t the only difficult place to apply tanner to! You can use creams, gels, or towlettes, but you need to make sure you always exfoliate. Use this helpful video to find out the perfect way to apply sunless tanner to your legs. 



Step by Step Instructions:


  • Before application, take a shower and make sure to exfoliate your legs. You can use an exfoliator, or you can simply shave your legs! The razor will remove dead skin cells. Do not skip this step!


  • After your rinse, make sure you dry your legs off completely – extra moisture can lead to streaks!
  • Squirt a quarter sized blot of lotion (or gel) into your hand and start with one leg at a time.
  • Using downward storkes, get the smoothest part of your leg first – your calf and shin. Don’t do the ankle or knees yet!
  • For your ankles, use as little lotion as possible! Use light strokes and feather onto the food to get nice, gradient color. 
  • Before starting your thighs, squirt another quarter sized blob and use the same technique as you did with your calf. Generally, it’s just like rubbing lotion onto your skin.
  • Finish up with your knees! Use quick strokes to cover the knee, but make sure you don’t add too much, as a very tan knee can look unnatural. 


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