How To Build Your Own Custom Palette



If you want to build your own custom eyeshadow palette that has everything you need, you might get distracted by vivid and pretty eyeshadows that you won’t wear too often. If you want to have a “for-once-and-for-all” all-purpose eyeshadow palette, it can be very confusing where to start. First, get an empty freestyle palette or a palette that can otherwise accommodate a decent amount of shadows, and then, customize some of this information to help you fill it up.


First off, everyone needs a matte and a shimmery highlight shade that are close to their skintone. You’ll likely use these shadows every single day, alternating between the two. A matte and a shimmery white will also come in handy as inner corner highlights for bright, awake, work safe looks. You’ll undoubtedly need a matte black for setting liner and adding depth to the lash line. Whether or not you need a shimmery black depends on how often you think you’ll use it, but it wouldn’t hurt to pick one up. 


Next, you’re going to want to start building your array of neutral, day time, work safe eyeshadows. This is the fun part, because obviously, the palette you create for yourself can get it right quicker than any premade palette could even try. You’re going to want to split between matte and shimmer for these, because the half an half balance will allow you to create either an entirely matte look, an entirely shimmery look, or a dimensional look that harmonizes the two. Pick your color family, or mix two together. If you prefer cool tones, warm tones, or neutral tones, stick mainly within your preference. 


Shoot for 12 eyeshadows, 6 of each finish. Select a natural, matte crease color, a matte dark brown, and a matte taupe. Skip getting the crease color in shimmer, because shimmer reflects light, which defeats the purpose of deepening the crease. Get a shimmery taupe eyeshadow, and a shimmery matte dark brown, and pick a few tones that are specific to your tastes. Champagne, bronze, gold, and peach are on the spectrum you’ll most likely want to pick from. 


No palette would be complete without a few colorful eyeshadows to mix things up or amp up your look for the evening. This will also help you create smokey eyes that are much more interesting to look at. You’ll need at least one green, one blue, and one plum. Whether your choose shimmer or matte is up to your personal preference. If you’d like to grab one of each, it couldn’t hurt. You’ll use them, I swear.



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By Airi Magdalene
Real Life Makeup Artist and MakeupTalk Blogger