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How To Pick A Swimsuit That Flatters All Body Shapes

Swimsuit shopping tips – Many girls, ladies and women have difficulties when it comes to choosing a perfect swimsuit cut that flatters. We tend to make this springtime decision a lot more stressful than it has to be, by putting restrictions on ourselves and not having the confidence to try new looks or styles. Swimsuits have come a long way from the itsy-bitsy-bikini and full-body swimsuits of our parents generation.

Today, no matter what your shape or size, you can find something that fits and flatters. Be sure to keep in mind these few tips this spring and you should have no problem finding a perfectly fitted swimsuit.

For women with a short torso or short legs, a swimsuit with a high cut thigh/leg will be most flattering. It will elongate the legs and will minimize and accentuate larger hips.

Women with larger bums or hips will look most flattering in a boy cut, short style bottom. A skirt bottom will also help conceal your rear more and give just a glimpse of your upper leg.

Women with a large bust line need to find a top with full support. A top cut straight across the front with wide set straps or an additional back strap are most common. You will also want to seek a swimsuit with a hidden underside to be sure you are getting the most support.

Halter top style bikini tops will emphasize a small bust line and shoulders. Padded tops will also create the illusion of a fuller bust. If you have a wider upper body with small hips, then a two-piece swimsuit with either a skirt or shorts as bottoms will be most flattering, adding more attention away from size.

Women who are plus-size should avoid striped and patterned swimwear and, instead, seek darker coloured swimsuits in either black, navy, blue or even red. To accentuate curves, be sure your swimsuit is fitted with a defined waist and consisting of a high percentage of Lycra or spandex. A full piece swimsuit with a long low cut neckline creates a longer and leaner appearance.

If you are pregnant (during the second or third trimester) seek out a full piece swimsuit. Bright colours and vibrant patterns are not a problem if you want to show off your baby bump!

During your first trimester of pregnancy most ladies find a two piece fits most comfortable.  If you are uncomfortable showing off your pregnancy at this stage, then purchase a top with a full piece of material loosely flowing over the belly, such as a full halter top or takini is best for comfort. You will want to avoid anything made of large amounts of spandex, as you will not want anything constricting.

Always be sure to try your swimsuit choices on in the store to get the best fit possible and don’t be afraid to mix and match solids and prints or sizes as most stores sell pieces individually and will allow you to do this.
Happy shopping this coming spring 🙂
*Image from GAP Swimwear