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How To – Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How To Clean and Care For Your Makeup Brushes at Home

Good quality cosmetic brushes are a small investment and you want to protect and take care of your investment. Many women will spend small fortunes on their brushes as high quality brushes are very much worth the investment. They last a long time, withstand frequent washings, shed less than cheaper brushes and always give a good finish.

Frequent cleaning of your makeup brushes will prolong the life span as well as the quality of the brushes. By having clean and soft brushes, your daily makeup application will be that much easier and hygienic. You will be less likely to accidentally mix colors and products as well as decreasing the chances of spreading germs and bacteria. (Especially if you share makeup products with others.)

Cleaning you brushes is fairly simple and should be done once a week or, at the very least, once a month with daily use. Wash more often if needed or if you are able too.

What You’ll Need:

  • Your cosmetic brushes
  • Warm running water
  • Gentle soap cleanser or brush cleaner (Shampoo works just as well!)
  • Paper towels (for drying)
  • 5 minutes of your time

Line up all your soiled and dirty cosmetic brushes that need washing. Using warm water, wet the bristles of each brush and gently swirl around in the soap using the palm of your hand to cup it. Try not to get too much soap around and inside the base of the brush where it meets the bristles, as this will slowly loosen the glue holding them in place. Rinse clean and use the paper towel to dry off bristles. Lay flat to dry, instead of standing up. Once dry, store as usual.

Note: Do not use a blow dryer to dry brushes as heat may damage them.
By taking the time to clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis, you will prevent product build up, therefore getting better application out of them. You will also stop and prevent the spread of oil and bacteria that leads to acne and breakouts.